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    Cost for complete paint job

    If my car required no body work how much should I expect to pay just for a paint job? Is it unreasonable to expect I could get someone to do it for $3,500?
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    My Project

    How did you line up the sheet metal, the rear quarters, the deck lid, rear panel... without the floor & drop offs? What's the rear sheet metal anchored to?
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    My 80 Z Clone (Pic Heavy)

    That is one sinister looking ride.
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    Is this TA worth $3500?

    You should see my LT1 Camaro I wouldn't sell for $3500. that thing looks sweet in comparison.
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    high horsepower ls

    Which is more important? The 10 second et or the 700 hp dyno number? You should be pretty close to 10 seconds with a 500 hp 383. If it were me, I wouldn't bother going LS. You'You'd just be spending money to get where you already are. Put some drag radials on that bad boy & practice. You...
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    New Ownership '78 LT

    My build sheet was wedged in the springs of the rear seat backs.
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    Budget Build Twin Turbo LT1

    How are you using the optical pickup from the optispark if you dumped the optispark?
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    Bought a new toy....ZL1 baby!!!

    How many miles are on he car? Technically he's correct. If it's never been titled, it's new & it still has a full 3/36-5/100 warranty. You're absolutely right, as soon as you own it, it will have the value of a 2013 used car. I can't imagine how they're going to sell that car. I doubt...
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    New Ownership '78 LT

    Very nice. My first Camaro (2nd car) was a '78 LT
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    2014 Camaro Z28 vs Brian Finch's 71

    I read this story in Super Chevy a while ago, but just found thiis video today. I thought it was prety cool.
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    Deal breaker??

    Wow... can't believe that was almost three years ago. Don't really have much of an update for you, but I do have some pictures to replace the ones from craigslist that were obviously taken down. I pretty much got the car home, stuck it in the garage... & that's about it...
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    Ralph's 1977 z28

    That car looks great considering it's age & the fun I'm sure someone had in it.
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    My 80 Z Clone (Pic Heavy)

    Car looks great. Makes me wish I'd have kept my 78 Z28 & that i had the skill & fortitude to do what you're doing.
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    New guy... another project... 70 drag Camaro

    Wow.... a bonafide 10 second car, great job. A couple of questions. How much does that thing weigh & do you have any details on the motor/tranny? How much power is that thing making? Ever dyno it?
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    Procharged 72 camaro

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    You have got to be kidding me.....

    My Camaro was a piece of crap back in highschool (78 type LT) but it still got the job done. Don't think it would have worked as well if it were a rotisserie resto with pops sitting in the passenger seat. Kids these days huh?
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    new to me 80 camaro

    That car is sweet. Doubt you gave up too much for it.
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    Let's See Your Paint!

    If you're going to rechrome the bumpers make sure you chrome the surrounds for the lights as well.
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    My 79 camaro project

    Is that your "man bag" ? Not that there's anything wrong with that.