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  1. spoonLT1355

    NOS 78-81 Z28 sheet metal

    OK, I have decided to clear out everything that I am not going to use anymore. What I have is; left and right FACTORY NOS quarter panels. (brand new, never on a car. The drivers side has surface rust, but no pitting, just a simple sand job will fix it) left and right FACTORY NOS Z28 front...
  2. spoonLT1355

    WTB black pass. roof mount seatbelt

    I am looking for a customer/friend that has a 79. It just has to be in good driver condition, this car is really nice, so I want to find her a nice one. please email me, I don't get on here that much anymore; spoonltz28 @ John
  3. spoonLT1355

    WTT 4" cowl hood for 2"

    Anybody in the Phila area that wants to trade hoods??? I have a Harwood BOLT ON 4" cowl hood, it does have holes in the front for pins though. It has been clearanced for STOCK hidden wipers, I am looking for a 2" BOLT ON hood , the 4" just doesn't look right n my car. I am willing to drive...
  4. spoonLT1355

    new toy (again !!!)

    So, since I did not make it to the Camaro Nationals this year, I figured that I saved some money, and since I saved some money, I figured that I had the extra cash to buy another rifle. As you know, I bought my first AR15 the other week, but I stumbled upon this: It's the GSG-5SD, a .22L...
  5. spoonLT1355

    bought another toy this week-end. Gun related

    Stag Arms, model 1 chambered in 5.56 This one will be my learning curve. so I can build the next one myself. (I suck at taking pics)
  6. spoonLT1355

    Phila Police at it's worse

    This is another case agaisnt the PPD, a guy was LEGALLY carrying agun and got arrested for it. There was audio recorded by the victim that shows the totally unprofessional manner by the cops. This is making it all over the web. Here is the audio...
  7. spoonLT1355

    buying gun parts

    Where do you guys get your small parts??? I just did a total strip of my S&W 3913 9mm and launched a spring loaded part for the mag release. It is a small pin, so finding it is impossible. Where is the best place to get things like this ??
  8. spoonLT1355

    My new toy !! It's a 1969 vintage

    Colt Python .357 6" nickel plated (not original grips) Just picked it up today !!!! :crazy: :p
  9. spoonLT1355

    has anybody been to the NRA musuem in Va. ??

    The wife and I are thinking of driving down there this spring. What is it like?? Could you spend hours in there or is it smaller.
  10. spoonLT1355

    Tip of the Day:

    Be careful of following the masses - because when you remove the "m", who exactly are you following?
  11. spoonLT1355

    neat christmas commercial

    thought this was cool, got it from another site that I frequent.
  12. spoonLT1355

    Bought ANOTHER gun today.

    This one is a 1927 Colt Police Positive in .32caliber. Something about the older revolvers has get me. I can't get enough of them. Our vacation paid for this one though, we came back with more money then we left with thanks to the casino :p
  13. spoonLT1355

    Saw a rocket in FLA.

    So, we get off our ship (took another cruise) in Cape Canaveral on Wendsday, and while waiting for a shuttle bus to the car rental place, there are two other shuttle drivers standing at the port, they start pointing to the back of the ship, and tell me to look. I turned around thinking that I...
  14. spoonLT1355

    Took my Colt SAA to the range today

    Firts off, I am very impressed with it. This is the second time that I ever shot anything bigger then 9mm. (first time was a .357 about 20 years ago) The recoil was less than that of my S&W 9mm semi. I shot 40 rounds through it today. I may have to change the grips from the factory, they are...
  15. spoonLT1355

    Guess what I got today????

    Combination birthday/anniversary gifr from the wife. Early 3rd. Gen Colt SAA In box with all the original paperwork. Built approx 1993. Like new. It will go with the others; Still trying to get the FIL's guns also.
  16. spoonLT1355

    anybody collect Harley stuff???

    I have a set of Easyrider collector cards Tin Cards. They are from the 90's and ain't worth much, but I would rather give them to somebody than just toss them. They are in great cond, but the tin box shows it's age. Here is a link to them...
  17. spoonLT1355

    What do you use to clean your guns??

    I tried to do a search, but came up emptly. I am using the Hoppes #9, but the smell kills my wife. I remember others using something else along with the bore snakes. Plus, I just ordered some GunButter.
  18. spoonLT1355

    what to do in Port Canaveral Fla.

    We are taking another cruise in December and will be docked there from 9 am till 5 pm. We are not interested in Disney or thier stuff, no kids with us. And what is the average weather on Dec 8th ??? We can rent a car while there.
  19. spoonLT1355

    for the gun guys

    I thought that this might be of interest; It's a Thompson Model 1927 A3 .22LR Semi Auto This is part of the collection that belonged to my FIL; Other pistols inclued Dan Wesson .357 Pistol Pack with 12" barrell Ruger .357 Blackhawk Colt 1911 .45 Government Issue Colt National...
  20. spoonLT1355

    Questions for the gun gurus'

    I finally got into my wife's father's gun safe He favored BIG guns. He has a Dan Wesson .357 Pistol Pack that has 5 barrels, the standard 2.5", 4", 6",8", but also has a 12" I have found sets that only have the 2.5, 4, 6, and 8" barrels. How rare is the 12" barrell ?? I have not found...

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