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    What is it with Mustang Owners???

    Hey, we've all seen some terrible Camaro mods, but I've never seen anything like some of these... There are some more in this link, if you think your eyes can take it...
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    I am in a bit of a jam and need some help on replacing my daily

    I don't understand what an "older" VW 4 cylinder car with an automatic being "sluggish" has to do with a Toyota pickup truck??? The 2007 Tacoma with 85,000 fewer miles and an automatic should be worth more than a 2006 with a stick (all other things being equal).
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    I am in a bit of a jam and need some help on replacing my daily

    They are asking $13,000 ($12,995), not $12,000 for it and it has over 263,000 miles on it (40,000 more than that much less expensive S10). It's a Tacoma, not a Tundra. 16 years ago, a new 4WD Regular Cab Tacoma with a manual transmission sold for under $18,000 new. The dealers don't care if...
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    ^ A convertible body mustang with rust. Something that doesn't happen in AZ.
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    NHL Playoffs

    I'm a Wild man...
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    Local Friday night car show

    You need to go to better car shows...;)
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    Local Friday night car show

    Two second gens parked side by side.... I've been told by people on this board they NEVER see second gens at shows....
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    I am in a bit of a jam and need some help on replacing my daily

    Biker makes a lot of sense on the truck vs car issue. $8,000 grand for a 23 year old truck with 222,000 miles is a lot of money. I wouldn't limit my search to just an Impala with the 3.8L - a Buick, Pontiac or Olds with the 3.8 would be a good option too. FWIW - I had a '99 S10 V6 4WD and it...
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    It might have been worth $1,000 when it was parked there, but time has not done it any good since way back then...
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    The only time I've ever been to Florida is in the winter (November, February and March), and it's usually too hot and humid then. I can't even imagine how hard it is to live there in the summer.
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    Why would Brian own a house in an area he doesn't care for? Why do you own a house in an area you obviously hate?
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    Ads on Facebook.

    I've never had the problem. I don't have facebook.
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    You got trophies for that? Like a participation trophy or something. I did it for the fun of being outdoors - no trophy needed. And I never froze my ass off - it's still right there behind me...:)
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    Putting up the flag for the year

    She sure is growing up fast...
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    In case you didn't realize it, I was also making a sarcastic dig at your comment about winter depression, but it appears you are not known to have much of a nose for that. As Brian pointed out, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming are some very sparsely populated states, so suicides by per capita will...
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    If you don't know how to enjoy the winter, of course you'll be in deep depression. But if you embrace winter and all it has to offer, it can be a very uplifting experience, not a cause for depression.
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    Daylight Savings time

    As Winston Churchill once said: “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The US tried this in 1974 and it failed miserably.
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    Buc-ee's- the world's most ridiculous gas station

    I've found that the lowest gas prices to be at Costco in my travels, and they sell Top Tier fuel. I always check to see if their is one close to my travel routes to take advantage of our membership. Evidently, Daytona Beach doesn't have one, but in trying to check I found out that a Marathon...
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    It seems funny how nearly every year about this time people are complaining that winter will never end. Yet every year, summer does arrive. We are having (for the most part) a fairly typical April. Temperature swings and snowfall in April happen almost every year.
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    History repeats

    If you hit "like" by mistake, you can hit "like" again and it reverses the "like"...

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