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  1. BAAVY05

    WTB or WTT D/S Fender Patch

    Did you find a patch for your fender. I still have the after market one that you can cut out what you need. Get with me at [email protected]
  2. BAAVY05

    WTB or WTT D/S Fender Patch

    I have an after market fender that is missed up around wheel well. Can use to fix what you want to. Take $25. Plus shipping.
  3. BAAVY05

    92-02 interior parts

    I have both door panels n console. Console comes with shifter n e brake. Have 2 different shifter knobs. Everything. Is black color and looks brand new. Do not have switches or handles for doors. Console needs lid. Asking $450.00. Plus shipping
  4. BAAVY05

    For sale 92- 02 interior

    I have door panels. These are used. But these panels look like they sre new. Really clean. Do not have handles. Also have center console. Very clean. Has shifter n e brake handle. Have 2 different shifter handles. No lid. Will sale together or split...
  5. BAAVY05

    Brakes are sponge on a 76 camaro need help

    Did yoy start in the back pass. Side to adjust. You start on rear pass side then rear drivers the front pass then front drivers.
  6. BAAVY05

    what year is this gauge cluster?

    early 70s. Around 70 to 73
  7. BAAVY05

    72 camaro orig. wiring

    I have the original wiring harness that was under my dash. In perfect condition. Has couple wires cut. But plug is there to the harness. Asking $150 plus shipping
  8. BAAVY05

    New 134a a/c conversion

    I have a 72 camaro with zz4 350. I want to switch my a/c over to the new 134a freon. Has anyone done this. Have seen done on car shows on tv. But forget where they got thier products. I have hose kit n compressor. Looking for new evap core n cooler. Let me know.
  9. BAAVY05

    WANTED: 1970 Camaro Driver Fender.

    I have one that has little damage from tire coming off. If you want to pay for shipping from Jacksonville North Carolina you can have for just shipping cost. Fender can be fixed with little body work. Let me know. Can text to 9 one 0 five four 8 six nine 84
  10. BAAVY05

    Serpentine system

    I am looking for the 80s style belt serpentine system. Looking for brackets , water pump, and atl. I have the AC. Let me know if anyone has. How much and shipping to Richlands, NC. 28574. Live just outside of Jacksonville home of Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune.
  11. BAAVY05

    WTB 70-72 parts

    I have a 72 Camaro. I am looking for 2 parts. I need drivers mirror with man. cable and passage rear corner ( fender ) spoiler
  12. BAAVY05

    SBC parts

    Dave will call you tomorrow around 11am. Think you are from NY. Looking around $50.00 t0 $60.00 shipped. Box will be big and heavy.
  13. BAAVY05

    SBC parts

    I have a Edelbrock Torker 2 intake. It was on car for set up then pulled. Decided to go fuel injection. Also have a holley 700 carb remanned from Holley. Have complete fuel injection system. Wiring, ECM. Intake, Carb, Fuel pump. 80s Style Serpentine System has Mounts, Pulleys, Belt, A/C pump...
  14. BAAVY05

    WTB local SBC intake

    I live in Richlands N.C. I have a Edelbrock torker 2 intake that I am looking to sale. asking $150.00 picked up. Was only put on car for set up. Its for SBC. Also have a reman from Holley 700 carb. Asking $225.00
  15. BAAVY05

    Looking for Camaro 70-73

    Have 1972 Camaro Z28 tribute. Look in Camaros for sale under BAAVY05. Still needs work done. But worth asking price for wants been done. Have a lot of extra parts for look I was going for. Asking $17500.00 All major parts are there
  16. BAAVY05

    wanted to buy: camaro 70-73 with RS nose

    Have 1972 Camaro Z28 tribute. Look in Camaros for sale under BAAVY05. Still needs work done. But worth asking price for wants been done. Have a lot of extra parts for look I was going for. Asking $17500.00 All major parts are there.
  17. BAAVY05

    Exterior Door Handles

    I have a 72 Camaro which the old owner had the outside handle shave off. I don't want to go back to the original style handles. I am looking for a flat style handle. Something around the 82-92 style. To do this swamp. I need to have someone that has wrecked or old doors that can not be use...
  18. BAAVY05

    Thinking of sale 72 Z28 tribute

    I have a 72 Camaro Z28 tribute. Car has a ZZ4 350 - 355hp, w/ Holley Commander 950 fuel injection system. Rebuilt corvette 700r4 tranny, 373 non-pos rearend. Interior all there, But has 02 Pontiac GTP Grand Prix front seats. Wilwood brakes all around, and new brake lines. New shocks. All new...
  19. BAAVY05

    WTB Holley metering blocks 6192/6335

    I have a reman. from holley 700cfm for $200.00 plus shipping from Richlands, NC
  20. BAAVY05

    Looking for used LH fender for 72 Camaro

    I have a drivers side fender off my 72. I had tire come off and replaced it. Edge is little messed up. Can be fixed. Its free if you want. If you want to drive to Richlands, North Carolina. Text me back at 910-548-6984

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