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  1. Printstron

    MOMO Steering wheel

    Is anyone running a Momo steering wheel. I’d like to se some pics. I really like the California but want to see how it looks/fits. Thinking of trying to go this way with a NRG quick release.
  2. Printstron

    WTB: Wiper Transmission Linkage arm

    Looking for a wiper transmission arm, I have seen a few online but none that say they fit Camaro with Depressed park. (Hidden wiper). I am not sure if they are all the same. Also looking for a wiper switch. One that is correct for the car.
  3. Printstron

    Wiper switch

    Can some one school me on wiper switches. If I am not worried about intermittent wipers and am fine with just High/Low and wash. Is there any real difference in the switches? They all seem to be high priced. Is there a real reason for this? I have hidden wipers with an AcDelco washer pump.
  4. Printstron

    Firebird console

    Center console for early second gen Firebird. Has a coupe of blemishes. Has console cover and front tray pocket. Pics coming. For sale or trade. $200 Looking for a 70-72 Console Tell your friends!
  5. Printstron

    Fiberglass arm rest

    I ordered these armrest/pulls thinking I would run them but decided to go another way. They were never installed or reworked in any way. Asking $100 plus shipping Link: They are...
  6. Printstron

    1973 Front Bucket seats

    I have both driver and passenger bucket seats for sale. Foam and upholstery were both redone not long ago and look great. Tracks perform well but could use cleaning. Frames could use a bit of work as well but are in good condition. I live in Bakersfield CA, pickup is preferred but can ship if...
  7. Printstron

    2x Torque Thrust 2 wheels

    I have 2 AR Torque Thrust 2 wheels for sale/trade. They are Polished 17x8 with 4” backspace and 5x4.75 lug pattern. I’m looking to trade for 2 AR Torque Thrust 2 Polished 17 x8 with 4.5” backspace. I actually have 4 rims of this size and would like to go up to an 18” wheel size but am trying...
  8. Printstron

    Fender flares

    Obligatory, “I am not a body guy”. But what do you do you do about the inner fenders when you do fender flares? How are they supported if you cut out the lower section of the outer fender? I’m assuming and modification to the outer requires a mod to the inner as well.
  9. Printstron

    Looking for steering wheels

    I’m looking to “upgrade” my steering wheel. What are you guys running aftermarket? All pics and sizes are welcome. Leaning towards wood but not settled on anything.
  10. Printstron

    Brake Bleeding and possible other issues

    So I’ve had a brake pedal getting progressively softer. After researching it sounded as if I had air in the lines so the needed to be bled. I purchased the pneumatic bleeder from Harbor Freight and some Dot 3 fluid. Starting at the master I sucked out all of the old fluid (it was dark) and...
  11. Printstron

    Subframe Connectors (PTFB) install question

    So I’ve got the Camaro up on wheel cribs and started mocking up the connectors to bolt on. I see two issues that I need clarification on. 1. On the passenger side it doesn’t sit square at the front subframe rail. (See pic). Is this normal or is it a sign that the frame is not square to the...
  12. Printstron

    Jack and stand placement

    So I finally broke down and ordered a set of sub frame connectors. As you all know our second gens are pretty low. As I don’t have or have access to a lift I have to do it in my garage. I have a jack and 6 stands. Where is the best place to set them to keep everything level to do a correct install?
  13. Printstron

    Either came off of or was bought for a 73, for sale now though.

    Bundle and save on shipping! (Prices do not include shipping) Or just make me an offer for it all, I’m just going to use the money for a steering box. Non RS nose has some overspray on it but is in decent condition: $50 Left and right headlamp bezels one is pretty rough:$2 Original Headlamp...
  14. Printstron

    Steering rebuild

    I’m looking to tighten up the front end. Steering feels a bit sloppy to me. I haven’t touched any of the steering components up front. Is there and advantage to changing out all of the linkage, does it it all wear? Or should I be looking at only the tie rod ends and sleeves? I am hearing a whine...
  15. Printstron

    WTB Subframe Connectors

    I’m looking for a set of subframe connectors. Mainly looking at PTFB or Hotchkis cause they are bolt-on. Show me what you’ve got.
  16. Printstron

    9" Rear end question

    I have a lead on a 9" rear setup with Wilwood disc breaks. I am looking to re-gear my 10 bolt and was quoted about $1400, but could pick this up for $1500. I know i will have to invest in having the perches welded and various other break lines upgraded to make it work but I think it may be worth...
  17. Printstron

    Street car nationals

    Are any of you going to be in Bakersfield this weekend at the car show? It’s at the Kern county Fairgrounds. I’ll be there but sadly the Camaro won’t. Maybe next year
  18. Printstron

    Power steering reservoir

    I am running a stock steering box with a LT1 motor. I want to overhaul the power steering lines. Thinking of doing high pressure braided lines with AN fittings. I want to run an aftermarket remote reservoir. Can I mount it directly to the steering box on the low pressure outlet? I have seen a...
  19. Printstron

    Sound Deadener

    I know we have all been though the sound deadener thing a few times, but I have another question. I have two different kits that I can pull from and was thinking it would be nice to use both as it would maximize my total coverage area. One kit is the basic repo kit like this...
  20. Printstron

    No more Bakersfield Cars and Coffee

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