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    Humming noise/vibration same rpm any gear HELP Please!

    79 Camaro, 355 vortec headed engine th350 trans with shift improver kit and 2.41 gears. If I'm cruising in second or third gear i get a humming noise and gets louder with more load. (Accel/hills) kinda hear it on deceleration but faintly. The humming noise is at EXACTLY 2200 rpm in every...
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    carb temp issue.

    Ok so iv been fighting a nasty bog since my airgap install with a 1406 eddy. After car is warm and after its up to temp at idle I can pull into the road and stop the throttle. No bog. Cruise down the road immediately after go to punch the throttle, BOG! If I stop and idle for a minute oor two...
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    misfire cold start one cylinder loads up.

    I have a plug loading up in the #2 cylinder only. Only misfires after dead cold start ups. If I bring the rpms up it clears the spark plug, once its bac to idle it loads it up again. If I bring the rpms up again it clears the plug then will idle fine and won't missfire again all day. The plug...
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    Everything runs 100% except my very low cold idle eddy 1406..

    I have had mounds of issues trying to get my old camaro a road werthy everyday driver. Started off with spark knock/bad plug wire issues then my 1406 eddy would not start for crap hot. Added a plastic 2 inch spacer. Solved the hot starting issue 100%. I loved it. Now with all this work car...
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    Eddelbrock choke vac. leak question

    My 1406 has a vacuum leak at the bottom of choke housing. Iv read it should not be covered because it cools the heated coil inside the choke assembly. And if its covered it will cause your coil to burn up and could cause a rich condition. Iv also read it should be covered. So i'm...
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    1406 runs awesome except misfire at cruise

    My car misfires only seem to be under cruise conditions. If I unhook the vacuum advance the misfire is gone but when I hook it back up the miss comes back. The only thing I have not replaced in my dizzy is my pickup coil. And Iv cleaned the carb multiple times. The exact carb tuning and setup...
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    brand new edelbrock 1406 flooding when hot and engine off.

    brand new edelbrock 1406 flooding when hot and engine off. If I look down the primaries there is fuel leaking on the throttle plate (only on the right side). This has to be a heat soak issue. What do you guys think? I need this fixed asap so really need som pointers. The carb does not flood when...
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    Flexplate issues

    I have an 89 formula firebird with the stock 305 tpi engine. Im trying to swap in a th350 trans because I keep eating up 700r's. My flexplate on the stock engine has a 9 3/4" of bolt spacing where the th350 needs a 10" or 10 1/4". And also the stock flexplate is smaller around (150ish teeth)...
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    need help finding th350 Kickdown "top hat" style seal

    Help me find one, there is a five pack on trans usa but they want 26 bucks to ship a $1 part. is there anywere else I can get one. This is the only part keeping me from putting the camaro on the road this spring. I want a NEW one not used.
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    th350 trans crazy vibration in 2nd gear under load.

    The trans shifts fine. but if I am slowing down to get on the ramp for the highway my trans shifts down to second witch is fine but once I make the turn and start accelerating (gear selector in drive and trans is still in 2nd gear) I get this "INSANE" vibration until I manually shift the gear...
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    350 vortec build.

    Iv got this 350 with flat top pistons. Its a cmj police engine I believe. Anyway, I can get a set of vortec heads for $22 per head and the vortec carb intake for just over $100. What cam should I use, and what can I expect to make for hp if I use and eddy 600 carb?
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    Holley hesitation

    My holley has a hesitation around 1700rpm. Happens when Im going 35mph through town, than when I slowly push into the accelerator when I hit the 55mph zone the car hesitates briefly and the straightens out and goes fine. My idle screws are (1-1/4) turns out, If I turn the idle screw in 1/8...
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    I f'ed up... bad!! Please help 1990 chev pickup rear glass replacement

    I had a good day today... got my camaro running good, nothing could bring me down... Until tonight. I picked up some steel pipe from a friend with the truck my pops let me borrow. I shoved a piece of pipe a little to hard and it slammed the rear windshield on the truck! Cracked it all to...
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    Finally made my final carb selecton for my little 305. (4010 holley)

    Iv finally got one of my carbs to run pretty well on my 305. The 1850 ran ok on idle in and out of gear but was very sluggish on throttle response and just does not get very good fuel mileage. My 4010 hits like fuel injection, idles smooth in and out of gear, and gets noticeably better fuel...
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    holley 1850-2 2101 Pump Discharge Needle Valve or check ball and weight.

    Well im almost done with my initial tuning.. Before I install my discharge nozzle, does anybody know what is supposed to be under my nozzle? I have just a needle valve and not a check ball and weight... Is this correct for this carb? I have the ball and bail style (not umbrella) check valve...
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    holley 1850-2 selecting power valve and boosters

    I got my 1850 holley all put together and went back to factory jetting and all other factory parts for this model carb. Holley's index says my carb should have a 6.5 power valve but I afraid my vacuum is to high for it. Its on my bone stock 305 with about 17-18hg's. Should I use my 10.5 pv I...
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    holley 1850 throttle shaft quick question.

    I have a holley 1850... How much slop does the secondary throttle shaft have. Its not leaking vacuum but seems to have some play up and down "not talking about left to right play". And what is the proper way to set the secondary throttle stop?
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    Cold starting issue, holley....

    I installed my fresh rebuilt holley 4010 carb. It runs better then any carb I ever had. Except one thing.... Hard starting cool but starts easy when hot. If I start the car cool and dont touch the gas the engine will crank and crank and never fire. If I tap the gas it wont start, but if I...
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    Bourdon water temperature gauge troubleshooting...

    I have a Bourdon/mechanical style water temperature gauge that just started reading low after this winter. When the engine is at optimum temp my gauge only reads a max of 140*F... What would cause this?
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    Strange business card left on my car today!

    Read> Hey, you suck at parking, seriously... Learn to park @$$hole, or next time ill key your S**t... Thought it was funny because the guy next to me was taking up two parking places.

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