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  1. joeparamonkey

    Tachometer wire

    Hi all. Which one of these wires from the gauge cluster attaches to the tachometer? Engine bay fire killed all the wires from firewall. Need to attach new ones. Thanks
  2. joeparamonkey

    2004r converter

    I ran into a predicament and I would like to have y'all's savvy input. Installing a 2004r in place of my TH 350 on an 80 Z. Z had stock 350 engine.The 2004r torque converter will not match any hole pattern of the flywheel. What now? Different flywheel? Different converter? Help!
  3. joeparamonkey

    Quarantine Valve covers

    Hey y'all. Wanted to share some Quarentine progress, lol. Hope you like!
  4. joeparamonkey

    Side molding

    Hey all, I need help finding this molding. What is it called and can I install if my car did not have it? I like the look.
  5. joeparamonkey

    What part of drivetrain?

    Hey gang. I have a TH350 and a 10 bolt posi, all stock. 1800 stall converter. This is my situation. I have my rear end up on stands. Drums are off. I push the gas on drive or reverse, and I mean push the gas, 3500 rpm. The wheels barely turn in either direction. Is it the converter, tranny, or...
  6. joeparamonkey

    Fourth gen seats

    Ok guys. I don't see where "direct bolt on" is on fourth gen seats. I got a pair of 2000 seats and roughly spaced at 13 1/2 inches and my 80 tracks are 11 1/2. I could use suggestions with the least mods possible.
  7. joeparamonkey

    Rear sway bar bushings

    Ok gang, could use some wisdom here. Trying to install rear sway bar with clamp style stabilizer. The top most bushing that has bolt through it, how to I get that small bushing into the hole opposite clamp? Will try to upload pic.
  8. joeparamonkey

    Rust converter study

    Hey y'all. Found this cool PP of a study done with Rust conversion. Thought it would give good insight. I've been using Rustoleum for years.
  9. joeparamonkey

    Brake trouble

    Hey gang, need some help. Brake pedal gradually began to hit floorboard over a few days. Changed pads and shoes. Noticed the pistons were all the way out and it took a while to push them back in. No leaks in the lines. Blend the lines. No change. Changed out master cylinder, bench bled it, bled...
  10. joeparamonkey

    whistling exhaust

    Hey gang. Anyone ever heard an exhaust whistle? I hear it when going down the road and pass by a curb or a wall. I thought it was my water pump, or PCV valve, but when I pop the hood and rev the engine I don't hear a thing in the bay. I hear it out of the exhaust in the back and down below at...
  11. joeparamonkey

    Body kits

    Came across these crazy body kits. Euro style. Little much, but not bad.
  12. joeparamonkey

    Speedo Issues

    Attempting to change over to 700r, unfortunately the speedo housing is electronic. Which way is easiest to go. Change the housing or get an electronic Speedo? Which is cheaper and where can I get them? Currenty have TH350 with 3.42 rear
  13. joeparamonkey

    kill switch

    Hey all,could use some insight. Not very familiar with kill switches. '80 project I bought has one and if it's off, car turns but wont ignite. When on, its starts running right away. I wanted to understand how these switches are set up, and what they are connected to and how to bypass. Are they...
  14. joeparamonkey

    alignment shims

    How important are these control arm shims? I don't have any on the left side but the alignment was spot on. It still veers left. Took it to alignment shop and they said it was my gear box. That it had too much play.
  15. joeparamonkey

    header primaries

    Ok gang, in the market for headers. With the research done between 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" primaries, of course I'll get best hp/trq combo from larger ID. My question is, what difference in performance is there if installed on a daily driver that most likely won't ever see 5000+ rpm?
  16. joeparamonkey

    Spring conversion

    Wanted to hear opinions and thoughts....
  17. joeparamonkey

    Remanufactured engine

    Remanufactured engine just installed, idle is a bit rough. 350cc, edelbk 650cfm. Is there any way this can be caused by the engine being cold or because of the break in period? Mechanic states that is the cause of rough idle. I pick up tomorrow, should I take his word for it, or does need...
  18. joeparamonkey

    TTop Drip rails

    Wondering if anybody knows where to find these. I know some Fischer TTops came with them and some didn't. Thanks in advance. 80 Z28
  19. joeparamonkey

    Buying Parts with or w/o Calif Emissions

    When buying replacement parts, what is the difference? Some specify with California Emissions and some say Except Calif Emissions.
  20. joeparamonkey

    Fan and Fan Clutch

    My 80 Z has a flex fan with spacer. Should it have a Fan and fan clutch? Is there a performance difference? MPG difference? No overheating problems so far... :)

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