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  1. Francesco

    79 z28 hood scoop vent grill

    Hello! Im looking for an original hood scoop vent grill if anybody has. Thanks Frank
  2. Francesco

    Light knocking inside the dash

    Hi, Whats up with my dash making knocking sounds while im driving? How do you stop that? Its on the driver side. Frank
  3. Francesco

    exterior window sweeps...

    Hello everyone, I have new window sweeps with a little chrome bead and they fit but not correctly. What types are there and how do I know which ones I need if I dont have the build sheet? Thank you
  4. Francesco

    Passenger side vent with no AC.

    Hi everyone! Im about to install the passenger lower trim and behind the vent theres this other piece that goes in it. It has a strip of foam in it and that leans in the closed vent under the dash. Bottom line is, do you need to have that strip of foam in that big vent thing? When you install...
  5. Francesco


    Hi everyone! I have a question about watershields. Which side goes towards the door panel? Is it the paper side? Im pretty sure the black side goes towards the inner door. Im not sure anymore. How do they work? Frank
  6. Francesco

    door frame plugs vs retainers

    Hello guys! Im changing my plugs in the door frame and the company sent me 14 plugs (7 per side). Now I have 10 retainers on the door panel...Which retainers get the plugs? Frank
  7. Francesco

    Any trim between sail panels?

    Hello! On my rear deck, between my red sail panels the trim is white but it does not look like an added trim.Is something missing there? Sorry for not having a picture to illustrate. Frank
  8. Francesco

    What build is this? Sounds like nascar.

    Just some random vid I found. Sounds mean as f...
  9. Francesco

    Vortec intake + Q-jet setup question

    Hello guys! I need some advice on what should be the best fit for my 350 small block. I have a gm spec intake manifold to match with some nice L31 vortec heads. The intake is of course a squarebore flange. Now I decided that I was going to add a 1980 Q-jet carburetor for 350 chevrolet on the...
  10. Francesco

    power to manual window adjustments.

    Hi everyone! I had my windows converted from power to manual with original parts. Then I had a bodyman adjust the windows but i didnt look at what he did. When I decided to do it myself, I noticed the window tilt adjustment screws on both ends of the left door were not factory correct and in...
  11. Francesco

    Gas tank Quiz

    Hy guys! So I have a leaky gas tank and its right in the back where both halves come togheter ( like a pie crust). Its on the passenger side. I noticed it more now because I put more gas than usuall in the tank since my gas gauge stopped working so I wanted to make sure I could go out with it...
  12. Francesco

    temp gauge

    Hi everyone! Is there a way to repair a temp gauge that doesnt work? I changed the circuit board now all my gauges work except this one and the clock. A new temp gauge is 150$. I dont want to pay that lol. Thanks!
  13. Francesco

    Rochester Q-jet carb vs Holley 770 cfm

    Hello guys! I just found my orginal Rochester 4 barrel carb lying around in the basement. I just needs a cleaning and a rebuild kit. The number is 17080229. I want to swap it with the actual one on my engine. Its a Holley 80770 model. How is the Rochester better than this Holley aftermarket...
  14. Francesco

    dash bezel lettering

    Hi guys! As im cleaning the interior i noticed my dash cluster bezel doesnt have the lettering LIGHTER and stuff. Its just plain. Anybody know where we get those stickers?
  15. Francesco

    Decoding a stock intake manifold 350 sbc

    Hello everyone. I need you to explain to me how you decode the date on an intake. I found one on ebay with the casting...E-2-9. What does that mean? I would like the intake to have the most closest possible production date to my car year so it looks like the original intake. Im sure thats...
  16. Francesco

    Ugh...Check this out...

    Hello fellow owners, I was just looking around for some posters for my meat cutting lab and I stumbled on this totally riced out camaro...Its a bloody nighmare! And look at the price! What can you do with this? WTF...
  17. Francesco

    B pillar chrome trim

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there's a difference with the B pillar chrome trim on a hard top car and a T-top car. I noticed that mine are not the same. One goes all the way up and meets the panel and the other stops a quarter inch before meeting the panel. Frank
  18. Francesco

    WANTED:original spare tire inflator 79-81

    Hello everyone! Im looking for the original GM spare tire inflator can. Anybody have an extra one? Thank you Frank
  19. Francesco

    Front of dash paint selection

    Hello everyone! Before i make a decision I was of course going to consult the pros. Im going to be completing my dash restoration with a few coats of paint on the front portion where its in metal ( heaters and the speaker area). Can I use my colour coat paint for vinyl on that area? It already...
  20. Francesco

    Cam sound test and type

    Hello to all the engine masters! I have here a video of a running car and I would like to know if you can tell me what kind of cam it is. I know its impossible to tell which brand but maybe you can educate me on the type and application. Can that be stock? Thank you Frank

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