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  1. stafs05

    Spark plug wires.

    Can any tell me where I could buy spark plug wires that date coded for my Camaro. Incase someone might have some for sale my car is 1970 July 2nd week. Thank you
  2. stafs05

    1970 thru 1973 Camaro Parts

    Parts from old projects: 1. Intermittent shaft bolts, 20.00 shipped. 2. Seat track springs 3 out of 4 required. 20 shipped.. 3. Set of 6 side clips for head liner trim. 20. Shipped. 4. Frame mounting bolts. Set of 4, 20. Shipped. 5. 5/16 brake lines clips or fuel line. 1 3/8 clips. 15 shipped.
  3. stafs05

    1970 Camaro 4 speed neutral switch 3983965

    $40 for the Used disassembled 3983965 switch & 3961589 bracket as shown in the photos. Plus Paypal fee, or family and friends no fee Sold
  4. stafs05

    1971 thru 1974 Z/28 rim code

    I have a question pertaining to the larger oval rim style on Z28's. I bought a set of 5, these style rims several years ago. I just had them shot penned. I saw the dates on them. Which I looked up how to decode the numbers. The numbers are as follows all five rims: K 1 5 5 then other side of the...
  5. stafs05

    1970-73 Camaro front spoiler brackets

    WTB front spoiler brackets with the "W" stamped on them. PM me if you have them for sale. Thank you Shawn
  6. stafs05

    1970 Camaro A/C

    Hello can any member tell me where can I have my evaporator and condenser, compressor checked cleaned and rebuilt? Thank you
  7. stafs05

    A/C line fender bracket

    Could any one give me the measurement of the screw hole? Maybe from the inner fender bolt on the radiator support to the screw for the clamp on the passenger side. Thank you for your help. Shawn
  8. stafs05

    1970 Camaro parts

    All parts removed from a 1970 Camaro early Feb date code: 1. Dust shields have been media blasted, date code 3529 on both. Painted stain steel nickel. 75.00 shipped 2. Intermediate steering shift has been media blasted. Rubber is in excellent condition. 80.00 shipped. 3. Rear axle bracket set...
  9. stafs05

    Ebay fee's

    Just want to inform anyone thinking off selling on eBay. I just sold 2 bumpers for a total cost with shipping for 1064.00. Ebay charged me 143.34 for this transaction. That nearly 14% in fees. Just wanted to inform all members of this inceritable increase.
  10. stafs05

    Z28 fender placement diagram

    I just found these section in my garage. Thought it might help a member, if they are doing fender replacement. And need these measurements. Came off a 1972 Z28.
  11. stafs05

    1970 Camaro brake power boster

    Can anyone let me know if an original brake booster from a 1970 Camaro has the stamping Delco stamping on it. I have my brake booster rebuilt and replaced, and it doesn't have this stamping in it. I just went to West Virginia for a VF3 rear bumper. And I stripped the car and that Camaro brake...
  12. stafs05

    1970 fuel gauge

    Hello, I'm putting my instrument cluster together. I need my fuel gauge rebuilt. This is the larger style that in the position of the tach. Thank you.
  13. stafs05

    150 speedo

    Hello How much would it cost to rebuild 150 mph speedo? I contacted you before, couldn't do it at that time. Thank you Shawn
  14. stafs05

    1970 Camaro 350 SS VF3 Bumpers

    I bought VF3 bumpers for my 1970 Camaro SS. My car did not have any bumpers, nor did not have a build sheet due to its rusted out in the trunk area. The bottom section of the tail panel was cut out as well when I bought it. So why not add an option to my car. My question is concerning the rear...
  15. stafs05

    WTB 1970 Eye Brow windshield moldings

    Would like to purchase 1970 Camaro Windshield eye brow moldings. Thank you
  16. stafs05

    1970 six slot ralley rims bezel

    Hello, I'm sure this has been asked before. I did try looking it up on Google as well. Did 1970 SS 6 slot ralley tims have the bezels? Or is this another 1 year only item. Thank you again Shawn
  17. stafs05

    1970 thru 1973 Z28 holes on fenders

    Here is location holes for Z28 emblems on fenders. I hope this helps
  18. stafs05

    1970 Camaro portioning valve

    I once again I have a questions: I started to remove the bracket that bolts to the power booster, so I could get the bracket blasted and powder coated. It turns out it appears the portioning valve is pressed onto the bracket. For the members that have restored this section on 1970 Camaro. 1...
  19. stafs05

    Gas tank strap rear spacer

    I can not find the fellow member thread, who was looking for the spacer that goes on the rear strap that mounts on the stud. I found one that you can have.
  20. stafs05

    1970 Camaro SS. Crate motor

    Hello members I would like to ask for some advise. I was informed the my engine that is original to my SS, is cracked. So I bought a CE block and took it to the machine by me. It will need to be bored .60 over. Which I was told .60 is the maxium that it could be bored if something happens, I...

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