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    Car stereos, whos stuff is decent these days?

    Well the clarion head unit in my daily driver 98 k1500 is going out, the FM tuner only works for the first few minutes after startup and then goes silent. So I have to put something in it and thinking it would be nice to upgrade to something with Android Auto like my 17 Sierra has for all the...

    Kind of like finding out an old childhood friend is still around.

    So one of my best friends that was the second owner of the truck sent me this picture yesterday and a link to the ad on FB. I know to everyone but the two of us its just a ragged out old pickup but man it really made my day to know that the old girl is still kicking around. So this truck was...

    Anyone on here know knowledgeable on detroit 2-stroke diesels?

    We have a stationary 6-71 that is coupled to a pump for fire fighting purposes in the plant at my work that is having some issues to say the least. Needing help trying to I.D. a few parts and get possible part numbers.

    98 k1500 P1870 code???

    So my daily driver/work truck just started throwing a p1870 code. Guessing this means its time for a rebuild on the 4l60E thats in it???

    vortec 5.7L oil pressure sending unit location???

    Alright can anyone tell me where it is located on my 98 k1500? Google just keeps wanting to give me the location for LS 5.3L for some damn reason. Maybe its trying to tell me a ls swap is in order...

    Not car related but what filler should I use?

    So this is not car related what so ever but I need somebody that knows body works help as I have never spread any bondo/filler before in my life. I am restoring a 1942 Grob inc. NS-18 vertical bandsaw for my shop. Currently I am disassembling and stripping off all the layers of old paint off...

    my latest project - welding/work table on air bags

    So here is what I have been up to in my spare time for about the last month. My buddy scored me this welding table for next to nothing. Its 4'4" x 3'2" x 3/4 plate top and main legs are 5x5x3/8 angle so it is pretty stout. The big issue was its height at only 29" tall it was fine for a sit...

    Brake booster for k1500 and brand better than others

    Well the brake booster in my 98 k1500 work truck has went to crap and needs replaced. Never replaced a booster before but looks like I am in for a real fun job on this one. Any brand of booster better than others? Definitely doesnt look to be a job I want to do twice! Thanks, Matt

    If this is real, holy crap!

    Not sure if this is real or not but if so that kid is lucky to be alive.

    Huge explosion in Beirut

    Saw this on lunch break they are saying it was a firecracker warehouse!!!

    I'm about to blow a gasket... (dealership rant)

    So my 2017 Sierra has been having an issue with giving me a service trailer brake system warning for the last few weeks. So since i pull my 20ft all steel trailer with my 5000ish lb tractor on it on a fairly regular basis I decided to put in the shop to get it looked at as well as get a recall...

    Lash in alternator pulley normal? Newer 5.3L

    So a buddy of mine has a 15 Sierra that is actually my dads old truck. He has a mystery high pitch not very loud squeal coming from the passenger side of the engine it seems. So last night he brought it out and we threw it on the lift and started looking things over. I pulled the main...

    Finished up the latest addition to my shop

    So just after thanksgiving my Dad and I went to a farm consignment sale just to snoop around and see what they had. To my surprise they had an old and neglected Kalamazoo horizontal band saw setting out in a muddy corn field. I already had a decent home owner/light commercial Ridgid brand...

    Anyone know someone at a kawasaki dealer? Mule pro stop sale?

    Looking at buying a Mule pro fxr for use on our property so went and visited a couple large dealers in my area over the weekend. When talking with both of them they currently have a stop sale on these and all pro fx and fxt models. When I asked what was the deal I got two very different...

    I think I can hear sawzalls in the distance

    I am in Pittsburgh for work this week and I think I can hear the sounds of sawzalls screeching echoing thru the hills from 351Maverick.

    San Jose del Cabo, anybody been?

    So fly out in the morning to San Jose del Cabo for my little sisters wedding this weekend. Anybody been there? Recommendations on things to do?

    Can anyone give me a little photoshop help on truck wheels

    Looking at putting a set of late model z71 take offs on my 98 k1500. The wheels are 18" vs the stock 16" but the tires have the same dia. so hopefully that will make it a little easier. If you need a better picture just let me know. Here is the truck Here are the wheels and tires I am...

    Camper shell storage... got any ideas?

    So I pulled the shell off of my 98 z71 last night for the first time in 20 years. The previous owner had it put shortly after buying the truck new in 98 and never pulled it off. I pulled it last night to get the back glass tinted and to be honest I can see me leaving it off as the truck just...

    Last nights project.

    Opened up this set of wheels hub bore for a friends son to go on his lifted Ram 2500. Fricking things are massive and just barely fit on my mill. I am pretty sure he said they were 20 x 14's.

    98 k1500 fuel pump how do I know which one?

    Alright so the 98 z71 I bought a couple weeks ago is in need of a fuel pump in the near future. It is right in the bottom end of the pressure range it should be and is bleeding pressure off when you turn the truck off. After all these pumps were never known for being great and this one is the...