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  1. Canadian Barton

    Ocular Migraines

    Anyone here ever had such a thing? I'm working away at my computer and all of a sudden I get this zig zag flash or bur, kind of hard to explain. Went for a walk and then went and sat in the dark and it went away. Took about 30 minutes. No headache, just the vision thing. Googled it and seems...
  2. Canadian Barton

    Build Sheet Reproduction

    I found what was left of my build sheets, one under the drivers seat and the other above the fuel tank. Neither are in great shape but between the two I think I can gather most information. I'm wondering if anyone has a template to reproduce the build sheet (maybe an excel sheet) or if there are...
  3. Canadian Barton

    1981 Air Induction Wiring

    I'm sure there is info out there but I can't seem to find a real good detailed picture of the wiring at the solenoid. If someone could post a pic under the hood, my car was missing the solenoid so I bought a replacement and harness. The new harness does not reach the original wire that comes...
  4. Canadian Barton

    Factory T-Top Tint

    Can anyone tell me what the factory tint is on the fisher TTops? I was cleaning mine up and made the mistake of trying to remove some scratches from the inside with a cerium oxide paste and I made it worse. Seems like a removed some of the tint and added some swirl marks. Anyone know a fix?
  5. Canadian Barton

    Lower windshield molding

    Does anyone have a close up pic of how the lower windshield molding connects to the windshield trim on an 81 Z or how that works? Thanks in advance!
  6. Canadian Barton

    Mystery straps

    Anyone have a clue what these straps/supports are for. 81 Camaro?
  7. Canadian Barton


    Has anyone completely disassembled their T-Tops to have the trim powder coated? How much of a pain will it be?
  8. Canadian Barton

    The last paint question I’ll ever ask

    This piece is going to be the death of me. First paint went great except it was the wrong mix. It’s a long sorted story. Should have gave it back to the paint supplier and told them to fix it but pressed on with promises of free material. Second time went okay, my clear was pretty orange peel...
  9. Canadian Barton

    Black OER Door handles

    Has anyone purchased the black door handles from OER. What is the quality of the finish and do they fit ok? Price seems right.
  10. Canadian Barton

    Glass Polishing

    Been looking for side glass for my 81. Lots of used junk for sale that are as scratched up as mine. I'm attempting to polish out the scratches but not sure if I'm doing more harm than good. To get the deep gouges out (ones I could catch a nail on) I used 180 grit on a 7" polisher across the...
  11. Canadian Barton

    Tool Descriptions for the Craftsman

    This may be an old on but I got a good laugh out of it today. Tools DRILL PRESS : A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you...
  12. Canadian Barton

    Issues with Slick Sand

    I've been trying to get this stuff to spray but it just wont stick. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Canadian Barton

    Door alignment question

    Actually more of a latching question. I have my doors aligned fairly well, just buttoning them up. When I adjust the latch post should it hold the door tight without weather stripping or does the weatherstripping put enough pressure on the door to hold it in place. What I guess I'm saying is I...
  14. Canadian Barton


    I am slowly putting things back together and am having a brain fart. I'm sure when I get the point that I need these I'll figure it out but anyone know off hand what these brackets are for?
  15. Canadian Barton

    Annoying Co-Worker

    I have this co-worker across the hall. She is a Director and I am a lowly Manager. She is not my boss but I do have to interact with her. She constantly walks into my office in mid conversation, half the time I have no idea what she is talking about or if she is even talking to me. It's like she...
  16. Canadian Barton

    Inner wheel well clips or spacers

    Can someone explain what these clips are on the inner wheel wells.
  17. Canadian Barton

    Paint mix up

    Welp, one step forward 3 steps back. In a tragic turn of events I have discovered the error of my ways and now my neck is kinked and I am stressed the F out. When I planned the paint for the car we had always discussed base/clear. I talked to my body guy and that is what he recommended. Talked...
  18. Canadian Barton

    Gasket for Fender Vents

    Does anyone know where the thin plastic gasket is supposed to go on the fender vents (1981)? Under the actual vent on the outside of the fender or under the bracket inside the fender? Thanks in advance.
  19. Canadian Barton

    Slicksand newbie question

    Sprayed 3 coats of slicksand primer, didn't reduce with acetone as I thought it was spraying nicely. However now I see there is lots of texture that I will need to take down with a DA sander and then block sand. I started on the rear fender and it turned out pretty well except a couple spots...
  20. Canadian Barton

    Early Birds

    Not sure where else to put this so I will leave it here. Ordered what was described as an exterior screw set for 2nd gen Camaro from Early Birds in Ontario. The description said they would confirm contents and a shipping cost before billing. Never received either, only an extra $10 charge to my...

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