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  1. boltupal

    My first Z-28

    Cleaning out my moms estate. I found this picture of my 1978 Z28 . Its was a 4 speed car I bought from Friendly Chevrolet in Dallas.
  2. boltupal

    What exactly is it? 1969 396?

    This BBC was in the trunk of a 1969 Chevy I just brought home. I,m trying to figure out what it is before I try selling it. Suffix might be 4052JA VIN kinda looks like 136386443 . Thanks again for the help guys.
  3. boltupal

    Is it a 1978 Z-28 engine?

    This engine came in car. I got it too run actually pretty well. Engine pad has no VIN just 10520CHW
  4. boltupal

    Dealer ordering book from 1970

    I bought my 1970 SS396 from the original owner. This dealer ordering book came with it. Here are pictures of options with prices for a 1970 Camaro.
  5. boltupal


    I have received numerous offers for this part that I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell. I want to sell it to a member and I will offer it in order by who asked first. My price was set by my best offer. 700.00 plus shipping.
  6. boltupal

    What year are these grilles I found

    Aliitle help please ID these parts.
  7. boltupal

    hurst shifter for F Body ?

  8. boltupal

    Got theses 12 bolt posi carrier and gears in the box.

    There are still deals out there .
  9. boltupal

    If you Car is on a TV show, is it worth more?

    In the 1980"S my 1970 RS was featured on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries Hosted by Robert Stack. I still have the car. Does that make it worth any more? This is what it looked like back in 1988.
  10. boltupal

    NIB "Chevrolet" chrome valve covers

    I bought these 30 years ago. Never used the . 60.00 plus shipping.
  11. boltupal

    Found this broadcast sheet in my old shop manual someone need it?

    Pulled out my old Chevrolet shop manual and found this. I dont think it for either one of my 1970 Chevys.
  12. boltupal

    Help ID these GM doors

    Have have 2 Left side doors in want too sell. But im not exactly what car they fit. They are 68-72 GM 4 door drivers side. Anyone ?????
  13. boltupal

    Pontiac 12 bolt rear end ?

    Were 12 bolt rear ends also installed on 1970 Trans Ams ? Is there a good 2nd generation Firebird site? I plan on selling my extra 1970 12 bolt and I would like to list it for the Pontaic guys also. Thanks
  14. boltupal

    comp cams small block rockers 100.00

    These non self alinging " need guide plates" have never been run. They come as pictured . 100.00 plus shipping.
  15. boltupal

    1970 crossmember and 2 driveshafts

    These have been under my tool box for YEARS. Im never going to use them. So before I put them on those high dollar sites. Make me a fair offer and ill ship them. The crossmember TH350 driveshaft came from 1970 Camaro. with 12 bolt . TH350 shaft is 55.5" total 49" center to Center . Th 400 shaft...
  16. boltupal

    Wanted 1970 Dated BBC water pump .

    I have a good working 1973 402 pump. I would like 1970 dated long pump.
  17. boltupal

    Alternator belt squealing 1970 Camaro

    After changing my 70 from a TH350 to a 5 speed Tremec the alt. belt squeals. Ive checked and or replaced everything. The only way to stop it is removing the stock fan . Ive even tried different fan clutches.
  18. boltupal


    With air cleaner installed. Will it fit under the stock hood of my 1970 Camaro?
  19. boltupal

    12 bolt ID help please

    I bought this 12 bolt cheap. I,m not exactly sure what is or was. Has aftermarket gears. 4.11 I think. It has been sitting inside since the late 1970's . I dont need it too good to pass up.
  20. boltupal

    Big block Chevrolet M/T Aluminum valve cover and wing bolts

    No nicks or cracks. Big block Mark IV. 396-427-454 . 100.00 plus shipping includes full set of T bolts.

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