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  1. joeparamonkey

    Trying to read this vaccum guage

    Mine maintains at 16.5 at the rear booster port. Eddy 1406. Any thoughts?
  2. joeparamonkey

    Tachometer wire

    Thank you!
  3. joeparamonkey

    Tachometer wire

    Hi all. Which one of these wires from the gauge cluster attaches to the tachometer? Engine bay fire killed all the wires from firewall. Need to attach new ones. Thanks
  4. joeparamonkey

    2004r converter

    On the right path. Thanks Twisted
  5. joeparamonkey

    What would make car ride smoother?

    This is where I bought my aluminum body mounts and subframe connectors
  6. joeparamonkey

    2004r converter

    I kinda figured. None of the holes line up. I only find flex plates for 700r4 as far as fitment. None for a 2004r. I'm going to assume they are for both. Would that be accurate? Oh.... And what's the teeth count 153 or 168?
  7. joeparamonkey

    2004r converter

    I ran into a predicament and I would like to have y'all's savvy input. Installing a 2004r in place of my TH 350 on an 80 Z. Z had stock 350 engine.The 2004r torque converter will not match any hole pattern of the flywheel. What now? Different flywheel? Different converter? Help!
  8. joeparamonkey

    a/c delete retain heat?

    You’ll also need to reuse your blower motor relay and if you want multiple speeds, the blower motor resistor. I’d recommend picking up a new one like this Is there anything else more modern that I can use? Not...
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  11. joeparamonkey

    Budget horsepower?

    Awesome, thanks
  12. joeparamonkey

    Budget horsepower?

    Thanks. I looked at Summit Racing for the dizzy, I really didn't know which one would fit the bill. Does it have to be computer controlled advance?
  13. joeparamonkey

    Budget horsepower?

    Would the intake, carb and headers swap work for a 93 350SBC TBI?
  14. joeparamonkey

    Back at it again. Project resumed

    Back at it again. Project resumed
  15. joeparamonkey

    Vintage Camaro Valve covers possibly...

    I have a set. Gives the engine spunk. Especially when people ask what kind of car I have. I like them a lot.
  16. joeparamonkey

    Quarantine Valve covers

    Hey y'all. Wanted to share some Quarentine progress, lol. Hope you like!
  17. joeparamonkey

    Side molding

    Thank you sir
  18. joeparamonkey

    Side molding

    Hey all, I need help finding this molding. What is it called and can I install if my car did not have it? I like the look.

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