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  1. toones

    A/C Duct Vacuum Line Question

    I need some help with the duct control vacuum lines for a 1979 Camaro with A/C. When people remove the A/C from these cars, they typically cut 3 lines. One goes to the fresh air intake diaphragm in the cowl, the second goes to the vacuum supply connected to the vacuum canister and there is a...
  2. toones

    Rear Seat Cover (Standard Interior, 1979 Z28)

    I am trying to figure out what the original rear seat cover looked like for my car. It is a 1979 Z28 with the Black Cloth standard interior (19B). Was the rear seat on the cloth standard interior all vinyl?
  3. toones

    WTB - Piece of T-Top Trim

    1979 Z28 - I am looking for a piece of T-top trim. It is the right side, front corner, shown in the picture. If you happen to have one, please PM me. Thanks!
  4. toones

    WTB - Vacuum ball bracket

    I have a 1979 Camaro and am looking for the bracket that mounts the vacuum ball to the side of the A/C unit in the engine compartment. If you have one, please PM me with how much. Thanks!
  5. toones

    1979 N90 Center Cap Insert

    I am having a hard time finding the answer to what should be a simple question. What is the correct center cap insert for 1979 Z28 N90 turbine rims (below). Large Z smaller 28, all the same size, lines going through it (I think that may be the 80s) or what? A picture of the correct one would...
  6. toones

    Drip rail and door edge guard question

    I am working on a 1979 Z28 restoration. I am trying to get it back to original as much as possible. The car had been bastardized with parts from 78-80 when I got it. I have finally gotten it back to mostly original. I do not have the build sheet, only the invoice. I am stuck on the drip...
  7. toones

    Spark plug wire retainer holder - 79 Z28

    I am having a hard time identifying and finding the correct right side spark plug retainer holder. I have the left side (the one the the brake vacuum line runs through). I am looking for the one on the right (passenger) that holds the four wire retainer. It is near the vacuum advance on the...
  8. toones

    79 Tear Drop Scoop Color

    The assembly manual (15D 20) states that the hood scoop area is painted black "exc. No. 19 BLACK". What if the car is No. 19 Black?
  9. toones

    1979 Z28 Engine Lift Brackets

    I am trying to find the correct engine lift brackets for a 1979 Z28 350. I have looked through search results, the assembly manual, and the illustrated parts guide but cannot find any part numbers or pictures. Classic Industries and Camaro Central show different images for the 79 and Ebay is...
  10. toones

    Window alignment guides (alignment blocks)

    I could not find this referenced in any of the threads about window alignments here, so I am posting it for my future reference and for anyone else who may be interested. According the the Fisher Body Manual, to properly align the windows requires the use of Kent-Moore guides or alignment...
  11. toones

    Headlight Bezel and Grill Paint Questions

    I just received new headlight and signal light bezels as well as grills from OER for my 79 Z28. I am trying to match the factory as much as possible. Do the bezels need to be painted or is the finish from OER going to hold up to the environment? If it must be painted (either to match factory...
  12. toones

    Is there an engine manual?

    We have Fisher body manuals and reproduction assembly manuals, is there an equivalent for engines? For example, an assembly manual for motors that included exploded diagrams and part numbers for each component, such as head bolts, cam bearings, etc. The reproduced vehicle assembly manual does...
  13. toones

    Rear License Plate/Bumper Question

    I am stripping the bumpers on my 79 Z28. I ran into something in the area behind the rear license plate that I cannot identify. It is pealing off like a large decal or protective sheet. Did the 79 Z28 have some sort of protective decal that was applied to the license plate cutout to protect...
  14. toones

    ST-10 Transmission Decode Help

    I have searched and found this topic a few times, but the page referenced in those posts is 404. I am trying to figure out the production details of my ST-10. It is a CC ratio (5 rings). The car is a 1979 Z28. I am pretty sure that CC ratio transmissions were not used in the Z28 in 1979. I...
  15. toones

    Emission/Tune up Decals

    I have been looking at various underhood stickers and have noted that they are coded with two letters/numbers (AZ, D7, CJ for 1979 Camaros). What do these numbers mean?
  16. toones

    ST-10 Gear Inspection Help

    I am work on a 1979 ST-10 from a Z. I have never driven the car so I cannot report any problems. That being the case, I disassembled the transmission to inspect it. I am having trouble differentiating between acceptable wear and problems with the gears. I have reviewed a number of guides on...
  17. toones

    4 Speed with Power Windows?

    I have a 1979 Z28, with a 4 speed transmission. I am thinking about adding factory power windows. I have studied the RPOs and found power windows do require D55 (center console) but I am having trouble finding pictures or diagrams that show it as an option for manual transmissions. Were...
  18. toones

    What are these...

    I got this 1979 Z28 a couple of years ago and finally have time to start working on it. I received it in boxes containing 78, 79, and 80 parts. The body is 1979 so that is what I am restoring it to. Since I got this car in pieces, there are some things I need help identifying. The first...
  19. toones

    79 trunk lock description

    The car I bought does not have a trunk lock cylinder. I am trying to find one online, but am getting mixed signals as to the correct cylinder. Does the correct trunk cylinder for a 1979 Z28 look like this:
  20. toones

    More "Guess that part" - Taillight Blanks

    While inventorying my Frankenstein project, I have come up with two different taillight blanks (the black part between the filler door and the backup light). One set has lines running through it as part of the mold, the other is perfectly smooth. Both have the same part number cast into the...

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