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  1. HOA-73RS

    "New" 3:23 Posi rear axle, but what is it?

    Hi! I just spent the better part of the day cleaning up a 2nd gen axle I intend to use on my '73 since it currently has an open rear, the axle has 42/13 teeth on the crown wheel / Pinion and that would make the ratio 3:23, it's also a posi, traction lock. Does anyone know where this axle might...
  2. HOA-73RS

    Just joined this great community!

    I just joined this board and would like to say hi, I have lurked around in the various threads and already found a lot of helpful information so I thought it would be nice to be registered and perhaps sometime in the future be able to contribute. My car is a fairly untouched 1973 RS "survivor"...

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