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  1. Z28PILOT

    Vise Grip Garage 74 Camaro Type LT …. Video ….

    I had fun watching this .
  2. Z28PILOT

    Mostest Beautiful Day of the Year

    75 F outside , no clouds , just clear sunny sky, low humidity, wind at maybe 3-5 knots . shorts and beach chairs and maybe an adult beverage watching the waves roll in. Few people surf fishing , dogs playing with kids in the sand . Yup …all is well today . Cheers ! .
  3. Z28PILOT

    Out smarted by my 74 Camaro and a Pecan Pie.

    My wife baked a special pecan pie Sunday uses a lot of pecans . She then asked me to take it to our friends home down the road . Beautiful 70 F day so An excuse to drive the Camaro as the delivery vehicle . I climbed in with pie . Sit it down , buckled up turned key and nothing but a warning...
  4. Z28PILOT

    Nice eBay Gold 74 Z28

    For those have not seen this auction
  5. Z28PILOT

    1974 Owners with an original window sticker

    Anyone have an original window sticker for their 74 Camaro ?
  6. Z28PILOT

    New T/A Radials

    My 74 stingray needed new tires 225 70 -15 in the worst way , they were 18 yrs old , rock hard , I was frightened to drive it . It came with Radial T.A. from the factory , it has the small original lettered spare left and I ve had couple sets of these tires on the car past 28 yrs. I’m ok with...
  7. Z28PILOT

    Get ya some of This !

    I enjoyed this car and motorcycle collection video and the comments . Nice Z28 in there too. !
  8. Z28PILOT

    Spray glue idea s ?

    I m wanting to buy a can of spray glue for a project. 3M makes various cans I can buy on line or Lowe’s . I ve never used a can of spray glue . Has anybody used glue like this ? My specific Question is any of these aerosol glues come in a can that you can affix a small hose on the...
  9. Z28PILOT

    Walking on metal roof

    I ve always had shingled roofs at all my homes , and I m not scared of heights. But now I have a new metal roof , one I use to walk on when it was shingled last year without hardly a thought . I have to do yearly maintenance on four mechanical skylights ...check seals , lube , and wash ...
  10. Z28PILOT

    Aliens are here !

    Here is a two part you tube video that is recent and getting some attention.
  11. Z28PILOT

    1974 Z28 Mecum Florida

    Here is a 74 camaro that i saw on a TV auction . Searched it . Thought i post for those interested in the model .
  12. Z28PILOT

    C8 vs Miata

    Here is a thread that was entertaining....while it lasted . LOL ...
  13. Z28PILOT

    Seat belt receiver flew apart

    Concerning my 74 Camaro, pretty sure , my seat belt system is original to car , the interlock system even works . I fastened my belt into the receiver beside the driver seat today, and the receiver parts landed in my lap . It is a mostly plastic afair , the top of the buckle all ( plastic...
  14. Z28PILOT

    Any certain product recommendations for

    Killing the roots in septic lines Thanks !
  15. Z28PILOT

    early 70's Bowtie hubcaps

    Wondering if there is a restoration service anybody provides for the old raised bowtie hubcaps from my 74,Camaro ? mine have lost most of the blue color otherwise in good shape. Thanks .
  16. Z28PILOT

    Firestone Wide Oval " radials "

    My coker Firestone Wide Oval 60 series bias ply tires are 10 years old and I'm studying the present tire offerings situation. Also as I pondered this , the 74 camaro Z ...might have been the last car GM or any other to have had these bias ply Firestones as stock factory tire ? Anyone...
  17. Z28PILOT

    Left turn signal bulb instrument panel

    can this indicator bulb be reached underneath back behind the cluster on my 74 camaro. It just stopped a few days ago. Im guessing it died . I have smaller hands and skinny long fingers. If i had a picture of the back of the panel , so. could know closer to what i ll be touching . Do they...
  18. Z28PILOT

    Maybe I ll just keep my old Camaro

    Got this years property tax invoice for the 74 Camaro , no inspection required. Still runs fast enough for an old dude like me. $ 2.47
  19. Z28PILOT

    Broken front seatbelt buckle holder thingy ?

    Hello , my frt seat drivers belt buckle that attaches at floor beside the console has black hard plastic case thing that job is to hold this section up . I have no idea what you call it , but it holds the short belt buckle section up between the seat and console so you can easily fasten the...
  20. Z28PILOT

    Brakes failed what should I replace?

    on my 1974 Camaro today , I lost all the brakes , fortunately at a good spot ....MY driveway. The master cylinder leaked down, apparently the fluid was lost into the power brake booster ....says my mechanic. Can I get by with just a new or rebuilt master cylinder or do I need to replace the...

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