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  1. dutch73camaro

    sbc or lt1 with TH200-4R

    do any of you guys know i can use the stock driveshaft ?
  2. dutch73camaro

    Suspension upgrade. What bushings

    Hi guys, I want to upgrade my suspension of the 73. plans Beef up stock arms Better bushings ? ( but what PU or Steel ? ) qa1 coilovers tall upper ball joints I read alot of good things of the delrin bushes but they are damn expensive. i have to build the whole car so if i can save a bit...
  3. dutch73camaro

    Carburated LT1 350

    Hi Guys, The stock 350 i had laying around the rod bearings are gone and so the crankshaft. now i could build the 350 but it's a bare block so i have to buy everything. here in the netherlands the parts are about 2 times the price in the usa Now i could buy an complete LT1 swap from an...
  4. dutch73camaro

    stock seats custom leather

    hi guys who of you guys also have an custom upholstery on a stock 2nd gen seat ? i wanna do mine in full black leather ( thick quality ) and replace the seam at outside of the seat for a double stitch. maybe even a Diamond pattern
  5. dutch73camaro

    experiences with this leafsprings

    hi guys, i was thinking about make my camaro 4 link or ladderbar setup. and in the front coilovers but buying a complete kit ( 4 link ) is pretty expensive here in the Netherlands now i'm leaning to this kit SUM-7081GM-2 ( summit ) and then in the front coilovers, if the car doenst sit low...
  6. dutch73camaro

    hidden vin numbers.

    hi, are there more places for hidden vin numers on a 73 camaro then on the firewall ? i also read alot that is not the same number as the vin, but only a body number ? still need to check the numbers papers are not here at the moment. i see also a number in my left inner wheelhouse but that is...
  7. dutch73camaro

    stroker madnes ?

    hi, i'm reading a lot about building a stroker from an SBC i picked up an running 350 2 bolt V1101CKR GM 3970010 ( also 010 behind the timing chain and by the oilfilter ) is this an high nickel engine ? the most common is building an 383l but are there other good options ? reading also about...
  8. dutch73camaro

    window trim clip mounting

    on my 73 project i'm replacing the quarters, and on the new amd one's there are not the pins for the trim clips. how do you guys fix that ? pop rivets or screws ? i'm looking for the best solution. car needs to be painted yet.
  9. dutch73camaro

    pictures asked rear quarter replacement by rocker.

    hi guys looking for pictures of how the full rear quarter is welded originally by the rocker. there is an 90degree bend for welding on the AMD rear quarters but i can't place them.
  10. dutch73camaro

    Dutch '73 Sharknose build from the ground up

    Hi Guys, I'm Niels 25 years old and i live in the Netherlands. Sorry if my english isn't the best it's not my head langue. I've been insprired by american vehicles for almost my whole live, in the past i had several camaro's (most of them for the trade) a true 78 Z28 350 (yellow) 1979 305...
  11. dutch73camaro

    fuel injected SBC vs gas mileage

    hi guys, i have a 73 camaro i'm building, i still don't have an engine so i'm reading a little bit about the options i prefer a fast SBC ( about 500 hp ) because of the prices / simplicity / and the amazing sound unfortunally the gas prices here are high in the netherlands, about 7 dollar a...
  12. dutch73camaro

    VIN dutch camaro 1973

    hi guys, before reading this be aware my english is not perfect. i usually read a lot on this forum because my project is on hold because of time and other cars ( like the 66 usa style bug of my girlfriend i recently restored ) but now the summer is over i want to start in the next couple of...

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