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  1. broahnazki

    Lots of parts

    Selling a few misc parts All Fiberglass parts take it all 400 or priced individually Hood 100 Inner fenders 150 pair Outer fenders 80 each or 100 pair Lower valnce 50 Header panel 50 Late z28 5 spoke wheels with center caps and a spare 450 or make me an offer Fiberglass rs bumpers 50 pair Steel...
  2. broahnazki

    Redoing my fuel lines

    Hey guys so I’m re doing my fuel lines, I came across these on the car above the diff anyone know what these are? do I need them? I’m doing an Ls swap with intank fuel pump.
  3. broahnazki

    Mopar project

    Hey guys so I’m I seeing if this is worth it, I have a guy selling me a 1969 Plymouth Satellite. I’m trading it for my trailer, I’m considering just getting rid of the rust/patching/ priming and sell it as a roller. Interior is there but not pretty, has bad quarters, now I’m looking to sell...
  4. broahnazki

    What are these worth?

    I know I’m supposed to put a price on anything posted in the swap meet but not sure what kind of thread is this, I’ve had these over the years and not any type of collection, anyone know how much these would be worth if anything? Thanks in advance, feel free to make offers and no I’m not looking...
  5. broahnazki

    Fiberglass front end parts

    1970-73, Both fenders, inner+outter, hood, lower valance, header panel and misc brackets, pickup only, I’m in LA for the week and figured I’d give anathor shot out if someone needs this stuff, it’s really light. Asking 400, pickup only
  6. broahnazki


    Anyone familiar with these trailers? I just picked up a trailer here in WA and looked up the vin, and the model number but cant find a damn thing about this company. if anyone is familiar please let me know where to get parts its an 1985 , 19018/TANDEM MINI CAR HLR. If anyone can help me find...
  7. broahnazki

    72 tall spoiler

    So the center part of the 3 piece is taller. Anyone noticing something I am not? I also noticed my trunk not closing like it should. If I adjust the latch any further the trunk won’t close at all, unles I slam it. By slam I mean as in both hands and holding it down.
  8. broahnazki

    72 lower valance

    So I'm having issues with my fender not sitting flushed wo the lower valance, is this the correct way? In not sure what order this thing bolts to
  9. broahnazki

    Windshield wanted

    Cracked my windshield today, anyone near Olympia WA let me know I'm willing to make a drive
  10. broahnazki


    Any members here make YouTube vids? I'm looking to start something but don't know where to start, any ideas? I want to go use on car related things and diy. Could use some ideas.
  11. broahnazki

    Engine bay cables?

    Anyone know where these go?
  12. broahnazki

    Ls swap radiator

    hey guys so as some of you know I'm doing an ls swap on the 72. I'm wondering what kind of fans and radiator are you guys running. I need something cheap. What stock brand works best?
  13. broahnazki

    Ls oil pan?

    So im trying to do a little bit of cleaning and going to start selling a bunch of parts soon. I noticed when i bought the motor for my ls swap the guy had a center sump pan.. anybody have any idea as to what kind of project this could have gone to?
  14. broahnazki

    Ford guys 1970 f100 worth it?

    came across a 70 f100 with 3 on the tree and i6 for 1500 bucks it runs fine tags up to date, guy cold started it up quick no mechanical issue but has typical rust issues lower fender and bed floor is gone. interior is all there the truck is all original for the most part and thinking of patching...
  15. broahnazki

    What kind of wheels are these?

    When i purchased the car the guy had these wheels on it. Not sure what kind are they. Anyone famailiar with em?
  16. broahnazki

    Wtb 72 lower control arm

    Need one asap. Pm me with shipping to LA area
  17. broahnazki

    Vincent's 72. "EL Maro"

    With a little luck and some savings it happened. I never thought this day would come, I purchased a 1972 Camaro. The Camaro is nothing special, just a norwood coupe with a seized up 350. This however, is not my first Camaro. Just a little introduction about myself, I am in the Army currently...
  18. broahnazki

    Any vets out there? Need guidance

    Looking to get out of the army, I realize that its not for me and being that i joined at 17 I know that i just did it becouse I wasnt sure what to do after HS, well its 5 years later and I think its time to move on. Now my question to you vets out there Was it hard to transition? whats the...
  19. broahnazki

    zf s60 trans swap

    Looking to pick up 71 firebird from a guy here soon it has an lt4 with a carb conversion and a zf s6 40 trans out of a 96 vette the car is gutted out and fresh out the paint booth. it looks like he started the build but never finnished hooking up the trans. Anyone swap one into an fbody? How...
  20. broahnazki

    1977 lt for sale

    hey guys so i have no choice but to sell the car, just found out im going overseas and can't take it with me. well the car was originally a california car i brought it with me to ga when i joined the army, so far all all ive done really was floorpans,engine (350 .40 over) was rebuilt a year ago...

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