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  1. OldDog

    Difficult to add a posi unit in my rearend?

    Several years ago (approx. 15) I installed a Powertrax Lock-Right locker in my 12 bolt. I believe they have them for a 10 bolt too. They work like a solid spool axle, but they automatically unlock during turns. Way easier then installing a posi unit and it worked. I'd check it out as an option...
  2. OldDog

    Holley quick change jet kit?

    I used one years ago and maybe they improved but got rid of it. I always felt like I was doing a balancing act in getting jets in and out. Just my opinion.
  3. OldDog

    Hood and Trunk Stripes

    Great info.....thanks
  4. OldDog

    MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ?

    WANNARUN thanks.
  5. OldDog

    MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ?

    Camaro lover, thanks. I'm familiar danmar scissor lifts. I was looking at lift dimensions/specifications vs. my lift points and thought these lifts would work, but not certain. I wanted to hear from people that used them on 2nd Gen Camaros. I always see newer cars that are wider and higher...
  6. OldDog

    MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ? color...I have a question about your lift. I see that's inserted into floor. Any issues with lining up lift points for Camaro? ...frame rails? I'm looking to get scissor lift and aware of ground clearance but concerned with lift points. Any information would be greatly...
  7. OldDog

    Thoughts on a TKO in a 70 RS 396

    IMO I would look into "Gear Vendors" who makes an overdrive that attaches to your current basically replace tail section, handles lots of horsepower and cost is a little less (i.e., and in the amount of work) than changing out your trans.
  8. OldDog

    Project Old Soul 71 build

    Both cars are beautiful and thanks for sharing. On the '71, what size tires are you running on front and rear?

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