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  1. 67johnny

    1970 wiper detail

    Just finishing up my wiper motor rebuild and want to know if the motor barrel that holds the brushes is BLACK or steel? Thanks.
  2. 67johnny

    1970 trunk detail

    Hey All! So in the trunk where the tail light harness runs are a couple on retainer clips that hold that harness up. Are they body color or ??? Also... how many of these clips were used? Thanks!
  3. 67johnny

    1970 Wiper motor bushing replacement.

    Hey all. The bushing on my wiper motor output is worn out. (the lower one that goes to linkage arm) Has anyone seen a thread on replacing one of these bushings or a maybe a good overall rebuild video? Thanks!
  4. 67johnny

    1970 Assembly Manual ?

    Hey all! Looking for help finding the seat belt detail in the AIM manual. I remember there was a link to a sticky detailing the best way to read the manual. Did a search with no luck. I should be on top of this by now for sure but... I would sure appreciate if someone can give me a bit of help...
  5. 67johnny

    Booster advise please.

    Hey all. Have been hunting for a quality aftermarket 11 inch power brake booster... a Delco stamp with Gold cad for sure. I got an offshore replacement from Summit to take advantage of the free ground ship deal and it was bad! Brackets were wrong, did not have the correct eyelet attachment rod...
  6. 67johnny

    WTB Aftermarket Upper Control Arms.

    Looking for a set to try out this year on the 70 . All brands considered. Staying with the stock lowers. Let me know what ya have. Can pick up in the Portland/Washington area! Thanks
  7. 67johnny

    Brake Booster Quality issue

    Having a hard time finding a good one. I have sent 3 back as they were off-shore garbage with issues. Cosmetics were good but bent studs and poor stamping issues etc. Am thinking a used original may be the way to go. Any suggestions?
  8. 67johnny

    Pikes Peak hill climb Canada version !

    Hoping to see a few Gen 2 cars out for it this year ! Don't Knox it till ya try it :bowtie::cool:
  9. 67johnny

    Blindsided by this one!

    Hey All! Just a heads up... the shipping issues and lack of people selling anything I was interested during covid had me laying low for quite some time waiting for things to normalize on ebay etc... Just went to my paypal account to send off some cash and found it had been pilfered for $20...
  10. 67johnny

    1970 Original Posi Tag PIC

    Hey all. Was on the hunt for the correct 12 bolt diff fluid plug that retains the Red Posi tag. I have discovered that there are different font styles, and wording on some tags (limited slip versus positraction etc.) Also... the circular hole can be 3/4 or 1 inch in diameter. Wonder what is...
  11. 67johnny

    1970 rain shield decal PIC.

    I unrolled my original rain shields to compare to the new replacements and noticed a few stickers had fallen off them. I did not make a mental note on these way back when they were stored away. Anyone know what the 17 is all about? Thanks.
  12. 67johnny

    Heres a 73 interior package I don't recall seeing!

    Hey All. Saw this one posted today. The Groovy interior was my chuckle of the day!
  13. 67johnny

    LS 6.0 cam bearings?

    Hey all. Doing a bit of research pre project assembly. I have a 2000 iron block with the short crank (uses the factory GM extender adaptor). I was told that the early LS used a smaller tunnel bore dimension for the cam. My question is... do they make a wide cam bearing for this smaller bore...
  14. 67johnny

    1970 window molding?

    Looking for options. My originals are beat! The aftermarket moldings all seem to fit poor and bend/deform way to easy. They dont grab the clips well and the finish is not like originals at all. They just dont fit or look right IMO. Has anyone tried powder coat or a wrap on some GM originals...
  15. 67johnny


    Hey All. So not many parts left to install. Anyone know where this clip is from ? Thanks.
  16. 67johnny

    GM Power brake booster spec

    Hey all! Didnt get much traction on this over in the brake section so thought I would give it a go here! The off-shore booster I was given has a non adjustable master cylinder apply pin that appears to be 2 and 9/16 long (including nub on inside end of booster). Whats the factory one measure up...
  17. 67johnny

    Brake pin issue?

    Hey all. The off-shore booster I bought has a non adjustable pin and appears to be 2 and 9/16 long (including nub on inside end of booster). Whats the factory one measure up at? I dont have one of those H shaped adjuster tools. Have had issues before with brake drag. Compensating port was...
  18. 67johnny

    molding refurbish

    Hey All. Used to be a fellow from Indiana ... "Dennis" that did a nice job on the brite dip coatings for the window and rocker moldings. Have not been able to find a local anodizer and may need to locate him or if anyone has any suggestions for someone good that would be appreciated! Thanks,
  19. 67johnny

    Rad Tag?

    Hey All! Do we have any tag experts that could help me decode this Rad Tag?
  20. 67johnny

    Hard to find

    Hey all! Just put my carpet in and discovered I was missing 1 of my 4 carpet tacks. Sounds like a silly thing but... no suppliers I spoke with have even heard of them! Any thought on where a guy can buy a few? Thanks.

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