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    The black border extending to the edges requires a cutting operation on at least two sides or more depending on the press used. Just another manual operation that adds to the cost would be my guess as to why they don’t do it.
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    Switched Ignition Source

    If you find a convenient infused source, you can always install an inline fuse and use it safely.
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    1973 Z28 Restoration "Lilith"

    I can see a lot of progress in the last 8 months, especially for going after one or two days a week. Keep after it!
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    1973 rs/ss z28, 350/375hp.!!

    An analysis of ads indicates at least 90% of all V8 engines being sold came from Corvettes.
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    It’s nice to have an option other than the BFG raised brown letters.
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    OMG - Jump Box recommendation

    I purchased one about 6 months ago, they’re awesome.
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    Jumping in feet first

    There’s a special place in heaven for people that bring Camaro’s back from the dead.
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    1971 Z28 - Numbers Matching Advice

    The time to define "numbers matching" is before you buy the car, not after. In general parlance, numbers matching refers to the block, numbers matching drivetrain means block, trans and diff and from there you better specify in detail. Personally I don't care what's inside - those could all be...
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    Aftermarket Z28 wheels

    OK, I'll beg. How about some pics, pretty please?
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    Anyone going to Kissimmee that could do an inspection?

    I'm not going but that's on my bucket list. I too am a midyear guy and these aren't near as complicated to inspect as a midyear. The equivalent area to birdcage is the rear frame kickups and those are much easier to inspect. Good luck!
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    1973 Z28 Restoration "Lilith"

    Fun to see another 73Z getting another chance at life. I'm curious what color you're going to paint it. It would be a tough decision for me.
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    Tanks Inc. does not stand behind their products

    Maybe if instead of offering a one year warranty, they should make it 6 months and continue to honor it for another 6 months because people can't be expected to know that 6 months means 6 months.
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    Tanks Inc. does not stand behind their products

    I'm going to buy some lottery tickets - I'm a multiple user of Wilwood and Tanks, Inc, often in combination on the same car - and they've worked great every time! Go figure.
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    access door in trunk floor for a tanks inc efi conversion tank.

    I've used Tanks, Inc products 5 times now, all EFI except for one - and my next one will be from Tanks, inc. They fit well, and for the money I like the quality I get. I've never had any fuel starvation issues, but then again I seldom let my fuel level get down to fumes.
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    EFI pumps, what and where

    That's better than using a clamp, for sure. It would have been nice of Holley to provide a fitting for that or nearly anything else. Too bad, because it's a really nice piece other than that.
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    EFI pumps, what and where

    I said not "optimal", not impossible. Clamps are more likely to fail thanpush lock, NPT or AN connections.
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    Tanks Inc....

    What wiring harness are you talking about? I've ordered five Tanks Inc tanks and never received a harness, but never needed one?
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    EFI pumps, what and where

    Here's a quick pros/cons for each type: Inline pros: Easy to get to in case of failure, least cost. cons: has to be mounted low because they need to push gas, not pull it is noisier, tend to overheat, need a pre-filter in tank pros: Cooler, return and vent fittings...
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    Holley Sniper EFI kit - should I try and self install?

    Congratulations on successfully taking on the challenge and making it work! Great feeling isn't it?
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    The '73 Up North

    Sorry, but I don't see where bore size is the issue with your brakes. I think something's going on with your master though. I assume you bench bled it, so I'm inclined to think your piston seal is shot. Love your build, you'll get it sorted out.

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