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    What plug wires do you guys run with an MSD box?

    I’ve got the Taylor pro series 8mm spiral core on my junk.
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    291 heads vs 461 heads

    Do you have any pics of the port work that it took to get it there? What is your minimum csa on your intake runners? Id also really like to see what you did at the short turn on the exhaust side as well.
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    Something to be aware of with Scat crankshafts

    I believe it did. Just in my little window to the world, American made large diameter alloy bar stock has been hard to get and got incredibly expensive even pre-pandemic. Lately even HSLA plate steel has been a circus. I guess I get it with the large bar stock as it is going to be a slow...
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    Beginning of a turbo build

    I like it. Really like that you went with the stock stroke crank, and going after a power level that should be reachable on relatively low boost. Should be a great driver and reliable for years to come. Subbed
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    Why do companies do this?

    It is very common these days, and it is a key principal in lean business practices. I would say that today most midsize to large companies these days all have adopted these practices to some extent. Many of the smaller companies have drank the kool-aid and are now operating the same way and...
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    Sold all my SBC Bowtie heads

    Nice work! Yeah the pinch is pretty tight on these out of the box, but digging on the floor with that brodix style entry is the way to go with these cheapies. It can create quite a ditch in the floor when you get into the transition into the ramp, but I have had luck blending it into the ramp...
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    BBC 781 Flow test today

    Very nice! Especially considering that it was the first BBC you did way back when. That .400 number is moving some volume, and it keeps on going. Also admire that you posted the bad port numbers. IMO this should be the standard when measuring BBC heads. What CC runner volume did you end up...
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    385 sbc dyno results

    Sorry if it was already posted and I missed it, but what centerline did you install your cam on? I'm assuming that its not way advanced (like 98 or so) or you probably would have had to address it when you checked piston to valve clearance. If it is way advanced, that could explain it nosing...
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    TRW L2352 -30 400 SBC piston question

    Edit: guess I am also assuming that the lettering is dot peened and not stamped or machined on.
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    TRW L2352 -30 400 SBC piston question

    Not sure exactly how there dot peen process is done on those to mark them at the factory. Unless it is done in the same holding after the piston is fully machined, then I assume that there could be the chance that they could have been dot peened in the wrong orientation. Could you post a pic?
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    Port Matching with a Router

    I fell in love with single cut SE7 eggs for roughing on both aluminum and cast iron. The only drawback to the big SE7 is that they are typically only available in a short shank due to the diameter and weight of them. In my experience the only gumming up problem that I have with double cut stuff...
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    Mexican 906's VS Production 906 Vortec heads

    Looking good! I noticed that you said that there is .050-.060 more material in the short side hump on the Mexican heads. Is there any more material between the bottom water jacket and the short side on these? If so, that would make them a little bit better head to port than the American heads...
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    SBC 400 Cylinder Head Showdown

    You may have posted it before and I missed it, but what is the chassis setup on your Camaro?
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    SBC 400 Cylinder Head Showdown

    no...I think a rad jacket like the one below is also part of the deal
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    94 versus 97 LT1 differences

    The 94 will have a vented opti and as posted above the timing cover will need to be changed to your 97 to accommodate the crank sensor as the early LT1's were a batch fire rig. I assume that you are going to use your late model non vented opti off of your 97. Just use the 97 harness on it. As...
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    Overdrive Oil Pressure Mystery (SBC)

    Ive had both issues on my 85 Oil pressure reading abnormally high: Mine would actually go past 60 every now and then when it had the 156k 305 (w/700r4) in it. It would seem to reset and work ok for a while when you cycled the key, but eventually the needle ended up sticking at the 3:00 position...
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    Got a free LT1... It's spun out

    Don't sweat the drivetrain. That 8.5 will take a bunch of abuse at higher horsepower levels than you will be throwing at it. Id consider adding a transmission temperature gauge and a decent cooler if you don't have one already.
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    300-36 with a 1206

    Well, scribed it with a pencil and got .105. I did find 1 of my 1266 gaskets, but they are the same height as a 1205. Looks like I would need the 1267. The 7101 seems to fit better, and would probably fit even better with a 1267. Never thought about the runner discharge to port problem...
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    300-36 with a 1206

    Thanks for the replies guys. I think that I will try the pencil trick this afternoon. Also, I think that I should still have a set of 1266's that are the thicker gasket. IIRC they are the same dimensions as the 1206, just thicker. I have done some porting to the intake, but yes it does look...
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    300-36 with a 1206

    Does not look like she really will want to seal. Gaskets are shellacked to the heads and have to be this high to align with the port (roof raised .100ish). Should I: A: Use something to seal the gasket to the manifold B: Use the 7101 performer rpm that has more material around the ports. Enough...