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  1. l16pilot

    WTB - OEM 70 Camaro Power Brake Master Cylinder

    Looking for an original 70 master cylinder for power brakes. The letters "EB" will be stamped onto the front machined pad (see pic below) and it will have bleeders above both front and rear outlets.
  2. l16pilot

    WTB - 70-73 Lower Trunk Latch Bracket

    Looking for a lower trunk latch bracket for a 1970 Camaro, so should cover 70-73 as well. Just picked up a project that had a new tail panel installed, but the bracket is AWOL Below is a pic of the bracket needed circled in yellow.
  3. l16pilot

    WTB - 1970 Camaro Front Seat Belt Retractors

    As the title describes, I am in need of a pair of front seat belt retractors for a 1970 Camaro. Pic below is for visual reference...can be any color, but prefer black.
  4. l16pilot

    WTB early 70s Camaro trunk lid

    Looking for an OEM rust free early trunk lid with the squared rear corners. Prefer no spoiler holes, but will consider if overall very nice. Will pay up for a super nice trunk lid.
  5. l16pilot

    PSA - Repop '70 Dome Light

    The Parts Place recently introduced a reproduction 1970-only dome light base and lens which is awesome since originals are typically faded or brittle/broken from the incandescent bulb heat. However, there is a slight problem with The Parts Place version. The entire base is vacuum metalized...
  6. l16pilot

    WTB 1970-81 heat/air control panel assembly

    Looking for a non-AC heat/air control panel - entire mechanism assembly with levers, etc.
  7. l16pilot

    WTB - 1970 Speedo Cable plastic clip

    Circled in the photo below. This plastic clip holds the speedo cable to the pedal bracket under the dash. Not sure what other years used this clip, but need it to be the same white nylon-like material. If anyone has one in good condition, send me a PM, (conversation). Thanks
  8. l16pilot

    1970 Detail Tags / Stickers

    Okay, for those of us obsessed with detailing out our restorations to as-it-left-the-factory, it is often frustrating finding accurate reproductions of the little detail items...such as stickers denoting codes and PNs often affixed to various components or assemblies. Well, progress is being...
  9. l16pilot

    Shoutout to COPO

    Just wanted to publicly say "Thanks" to Mark (COPO) for putting together and maintaining the site: For those who haven't noticed it in his siggy, he's put a lot of effort into providing detailed photos and info on areas of the 70 Z28 that are rarely, if...
  10. l16pilot

    Can this be fixed?

    Okay, so here's a photo a buddy's SBC 400 block looking into the cam journal area from the rear (bellhousing side). There is a chunk missing from the cam bearing journal (red arrow). He has some people telling him to scrap the block and others saying JB weld it. Anyone with first hand...
  11. l16pilot

    Goodyear "Polyglas" radials...coming soon

    Just saw this on No mention of Polyglas GT F60-15s, but hopefully that's in the product expansion plan. Last this was addressed, Rusty advised Kelsey had not...
  12. l16pilot

    DOT 5

    The topic of running DOT 5 silicon fluid in new/rebuilt brake systems has been discussed with it seems, split opinions. Personally, I've run DOT 5 in my cars since the mid-90s without any issue whatsoever, but recently spoke to Lone Star Caliper about the M/C and calipers they rebuilt for me...
  13. l16pilot

    70-?? Van Nuys Camaro Jack

    Don't see these come up for sale often...just sharing.
  14. l16pilot

    70-72 Rear Bumper End Brackets

    Over the past 30 or so years, I've accumulated many rear bumpers from 70-73, but never really marked them as to what vehicle they came from. The end brackets changed somewhere through the 70-72 run from a threaded hole to a stud. The threaded hole bracket is from a known original 1970 06B...
  15. l16pilot

    WTB Leaf Spring Pockets

    Rusty, crusty...doesn't matter. Looking for cheap, (free + shipping is best) leaf spring front pockets for 70-81 Camaro. I just need them to mock up my body shell on a body cart. Hopefully, someone has an old pair laying around and you're tired of tripping over them....they'll be going to a...
  16. l16pilot

    70 Camaro Front Wheel Bearing Dust Caps

    The rotor dust caps for the 70 Camaro, (maybe others?) are unique with a conical shape that I had not been able to find reproduced....until now. I stumbled across these for 69-82 Corvettes and for $14/pr, I figured it was worth a gamble. I received the caps today, test fitted them to a spare...
  17. l16pilot

    A little Resurection story.....

    in 1991, I bought a 1930 Model A Coupe hulk with dreams of building a hot rod. Worked six years building the car, doing all of the fab and construction except shortening the 9" rear. In 1997, I finished the coupe. Mild SBC with Vortec heads, M21 and a 9" ford rear. Weighed 2550 lbs...
  18. l16pilot

    Ridgely, MD Car Show Oct 23

    This has grown to be a pretty big show and attracts some cool celebs...this year, Richard Petty will be back, along with Linda Vaughn, and sonny Shroyer, (Enos from The Dukes of Hazzard). Also, Dennis Gage (My Classic Car) will be there...heard he will be interviewing/filming for an upcoming...
  19. l16pilot

    Oct 1st - Georgetown, DE Wings & Wheels

    Just a heads up that the 2016 Wings and Wheels show at the Georgetown, DE Airport will be Saturday, October 1st. Good food, great car show participation and usually a good contingent of old airplanes. Special guest this year is Dick Cole, the last surviving Doolittle Raider, (he just turned...
  20. l16pilot

    WTB - 70-74 Camaro Front Subframe

    Looking to buy front subframe for fixturing suspension needed, just the stripped bare subframe. Would prefer local pickup in the MD/DE/Southern PA region. Does not need to be clean or pretty...just straight. PM me with what you've got.

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