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  1. Green hornet

    Forgetting History

    Not only is it not mentioned in the news, it’s not mentioned in schools either. The kids have no idea. Few years ago I asked my child if any teachers talked about it, he said not a word. What a shame.
  2. Green hornet

    My new 71 arrived today!

    What a wonderful looking car. Congratulation, enjoy
  3. Green hornet

    Rear Sway Bar

    Like you I had only a 15/16 inch front sway bar. I installed a 1 3/16 bar on the front and a 9/16 on the rear. The handling improved tremendously. You’ll be extremely happy with the upgrade.
  4. Green hornet

    '70 Floor Console Assembly Replacement

    Patter is very nice. I had to do a little modification to the shifter tunnel to get it to fit right, but nothing major. Just massage the mounting holes a little.
  5. Green hornet

    '70 Floor Console Assembly Replacement

    I purchased an OER one for my 70 a few months ago. I’m happy with it. Had to get shifter tunnel and plate separate.
  6. Green hornet

    Auto to Manual Conversion - What Replaces PRNDL Indicator On Cluster?

    I used black electrical tape worked perfect, can’t tell.
  7. Green hornet

    1970 Lower Dash - Think this can this be restored?

    I am impressed. You did an outstanding job with those repairs.
  8. Green hornet

    Paint shop jail! Should I bail?

    I have been following this thread. Glad to hear you were able to get your car back. Good luck with getting it finished.
  9. Green hornet

    Got my 2nd degree black belt today

    Congratulations. You should be very proud of your accomplishmen.
  10. Green hornet

    1970 Camaro console parts

    I ordered it from SS396 over the summer. It was on back order for about a month. I received the 4speed shifter tunnel way before the console. What irritated me the most was the website did not indicate it was on back order until I finalized the order.
  11. Green hornet

    Good vid on the state of mfg quality

    I bet that second rotor was made by someone working from home.
  12. Green hornet

    1970 Camaro console parts

    That’s a difficult piece to find. Maybe someone here will have one. I got a complete repo console a couple months ago on sale for $380.00 plus shifter insert.
  13. Green hornet


    I bought console brackets from a member here who makes reproduction ones just a months ago. He makes a great product. I was very impressed.
  14. Green hornet

    update on 71 progress

    Your paint looks fabulous!!!
  15. Green hornet

    Hello, this a new sight,

  16. Green hornet

    Back drive linkage installation

    the very ends are cut pieces that I welded together then drilled holes for the cotter pins. The inner bends I used a vise.
  17. Green hornet

    Can anybody give me a few pics of 1970 hood latch release arm?

    Here are a few pics. The end isn’t dipped but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t at one time. Hope these help.
  18. Green hornet

    Back drive linkage installation

    If it‘s an aftermarket product it may need a little fine tuning to fit properly. I ended up making one, the one I had didn’t fit correctly. Here is a photo of the one I made compared to the one I got off eBay.

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