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  1. krabben1

    Roof Marker Lights Camaro

    It's on back order with the mudflaps.
  2. krabben1

    Roof Marker Lights Camaro

    Good call! Back to Pepboys it is!
  3. krabben1

    Roof Marker Lights Camaro

  4. krabben1

    Roof Marker Lights Camaro

    Says Merry Christmas!
  5. krabben1

    Got my dash wrapped, pics

    That does look great. After all,the factory one is trying to mimick what you've had done.
  6. krabben1

    Outside Edge Wear on Front Tires

    15s,from circa 2012
  7. krabben1

    Outside Edge Wear on Front Tires

    I have Indy 500s on my camaro,theyve lasted ok. I run coopers on my chevelle,which don't seem to wear at all,lol.They do ride rough,but they are solid and a very good price. These are Mastercrafts,coopers other line,if you don't like having the name "cobra" on yours,which I don't,lol.
  8. krabben1

    Outside Edge Wear on Front Tires

    You can fast check the plumbness of the wheel if you have a stable way on level ground. Then I would measure center to center in the front, front and back of wheel. After that,its magic,lol.
  9. krabben1

    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?

    No smallblocks were.Only bigblocks,at least on the chevelle line,only date coded. Not sure if camaros were the same.
  10. krabben1

    Sub frame bushing/ body mounts

    You can do ONE SIDE of the car at a time,and you should be ok.
  11. krabben1

    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?
  12. krabben1

    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?

    If you knew the engine's history it would be better,but yeah,drilling the accessory holes can be sketchy. For contrast,I sold the 283 out of my 67 chevelle about 4 years ago for 400 dollars.62K original miles on it,didnt smoke,knock,or ping. Guy needed it for his chevelle resto.Small blocks...
  13. krabben1

    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?

    All chevrolet V-8s have the same engine mount/bellhousing pattern from 1958 until the LS'. That's one of the reasons chevy rules!
  14. krabben1

    1971 Camaro full bumper corner bolts?

    W Well,if for some reason,the threads are longer than they should be,you can put a washer underneath to eat up some threads.
  15. krabben1

    Short or tall valve covers?

    I like switching too.I love moroso stamped aluminums,but they are hard to seal. Those fabricated ones are awesome for that.I've had 2 sets powdercoated already,and wear one set raw on my chevelle.
  16. krabben1

    70-73 Front Spring Help

    Stock lowers with QA1s here,bbc,on the street in Pa.Buy once,and put your car wherever you want it. Got the universal support plates on mine.
  17. krabben1

    Hood Clearance-Pics

    If youre going sniper,youre going to need a throttle extension so you dont kill yourself,or someone else,especially if the car is stick,but out of the box theyre bad enough with an automatic. That being said,after the throttle extension,you will no longer be able to run a drop base airfilter...
  18. krabben1

    Piston Installation

    You would need the exact bore size for the tapered ring tool. I like them,and have two different sizes. A 396 bored out 30 over is a 402,60 over 408-410(?),are you sure its near 427?
  19. krabben1

    comp cam

    Watch your diameter too.Aftermarket is .5",GM is usually smaller,so your distributor has something to do with it also. I run the GM melonized gear on my gen6 454,as they specced,but had to have it opened up to .5 to fit my pertronix distributor.
  20. krabben1

    Chemical Stripper For 3 Piece Spoiler?

    I'll prolly just stop by my supply house and see what they have.

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