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  1. danbrennan

    Climate Protesters Glue Themselves To Conductor's Podium Safety Rail

    But make a slight miscalculation, :D
  2. danbrennan

    Credit Cards

    I get the text alerts when there is a charge over $100. And they say to never let one's card out of sight, as can happen at a restaurant. Follow them back the where they run the card and watch, I guess. I've had my number stolen 3 times, but, knock on wood, not in a few years now. After the...
  3. danbrennan

    C7, crashes so hard it ejects engine

    I bet it shows up on Ebay as a Corvette engine takeout .. :D
  4. danbrennan

    Another one gone....Kirstie Alley

    All these entertainment people from my young adult life getting old. I'm sure glad I'm not.
  5. danbrennan

    Electric Car Road Tax

    Sure, Russians forever, but I thought it was an interesting interpretation of the Clean Air Act that I hadn't heard before .. :)
  6. danbrennan

    Electric Car Road Tax "Governing for Impact (GFI), a secretive George Soros-funded group which has advised the Biden administration, issued a memo to policymakers on how to curb gasoline usage." "The GFI memo argues that the Clean Air Act...
  7. danbrennan

    Electric Car Road Tax

    ^Yes, I saw this. The push for electric cars is running ahead of the ability to generate electricity, that seems clear.
  8. danbrennan

    Looking Back At COVID Masking

    Geez, I posted it just because I thought some of the extremes people went to were funny. I wore a mask in stores when a sign was requesting we do so, although I questioned the effectiveness of some of it. Nobody asks now, and now I don't. I posted the thread strictly for the humor aspect ..
  9. danbrennan

    Tittie Tuesday....

  10. danbrennan

    COVID Quarantine Humor

  11. danbrennan

    COVID Quarantine Humor

  12. danbrennan

    Looking Back At COVID Masking

  13. danbrennan

    COVID Quarantine Humor

  14. danbrennan

    COVID Quarantine Humor

  15. danbrennan

    COVID Quarantine Humor

  16. danbrennan


    Good post about retiring on CDs versus stocks. I keep fighting the urge to put my investments into safe things like CDs. But then I look at data like you posted, and figure if I live into my '80s, I'll outlive my money.
  17. danbrennan


    I've been thinking that, too, although I keep in mind the notion that history rhymes more than it repeats. I agree about 2009-2021 probably being an aberration, and the endless QE after the 2009 crash enabling it. Also, I think the increase in importation of cheap Chinese goods significantly...
  18. danbrennan


    Back in the 1980s, when I got out of college and started working for a living, I read an article that historically going back to the 1920s the US stock market has returned on average ~10%. Not sure if that's still true, but I've always tried to put some money into the market - GM's old stock...
  19. danbrennan

    Cocaine Bear Film Trailer

    Sure, they juiced the story up to make the movie. "Creative license", I think they call it? Or maybe it's more like "historical fiction".

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