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    Any turkey hunters out there?

    We do the same for coyotes here in IL minus the suppressors, they arent legal here...

    Any turkey hunters out there?

    Luckily we dont have wild pigs yet here in IL, yet being the key word. There are a lot of ways to deal with catching wild pigs if you do some searching you will find pretty much every state in the midwest west of the mississippi is dealing with them in one way or another. I have seen quite a...

    Any turkey hunters out there?

    As a kid I was lucky to see turkeys as there was a decent population of them in the somewhat secluded county my grandparents had a farm in. The county is a peninsula between the Mississippi river and Illinois with a lot of hills, bluffs, and timber. Probably close to 30 years ago the state...

    Any turkey hunters out there?

    Yeah wild turkey is very easy to dry out compared to a butterball from the grocery store for sure. As far as the gamey taste I have found there breast meat to not be gamey at all but if you cook one whole the leg meat is gamey and extremely easy to dry out. We have only breasted out turkeys...

    Any turkey hunters out there?

    Yep they are all flocked up for winter here in IL like that. Most likely you have 2 or 3 mature hens and their young from this spring in that group.

    John Wick Chapter 4

    I still need to see John Wick #3

    A10 Thunderbolt Warthog 50 Facts

    Article definitely has a few typos. Another one being fuel capacity of 10000 gallons... no way that little plain has that big of tanks on it. I got to see an a-10 flying up the missouri river following the channel several years ago while snow goose hunting. The maneuverability of them is...

    Changed my Air Filter today

    Mice will do this as well. I have a ton of big oaks in my yard and I find acorn remains on a regular basis in my vehicles that are kept in my garage or shop all the time.

    My good ole boy Harley

    What kind of dog is Harley? Sounds a little bit similar to my boy Jake, he is a yellow lab. He is as mild mannered and an attention whore of a dog that you have ever seen except for on two occasions. One was a guy beating on my door randomly one day, mind you I live several miles out of the...

    Blasphemi 55 chevy Gasser Hot Rod Drag week 2022

    Saw a bunch of these cars pulling into worldwide tech raceway on my way to work Sunday. I was coming down the interstate before sun up and couldnt figure out what was in front of me by the tail lights and it was a chevelle pulling a tiny trailer with its slicks bolted on to the side partially...

    Tractor Implements (3-point)

    It actually wasnt as bad as you think, I pulled it out with my pickup no problem. As John said you dont have to spin Ag tires much to make big holes, especially the front ones that are fairly narrow. What actually hung it up though was the mower on the back hitting the bank of the ditch that...

    Tractor Implements (3-point)

    Dang good to see ya around Gordo! I have quite a bit of experience on the small tractors between the old mans and my older shibaura built fords. My 1920 on left, dads 1710 on right He bought his before I bought my place and I quickly realized that I just needed to buy one instead of...

    Acquiring a 1994 c2500

    Probably one of the most reliable trucks ever made is what your getting. I have a 98 k1500 that I drive every day that is rock solid as well. It has 160k on the clock and yeah sure it needs a little attention here and there from time to time but what 25 year old vehicle doesnt. Assuming it...

    New pack member is home.

    Good looking dog, looks like he is going to be a pretty good size boy. I am a big lab guy, pretty much had at least one around since I was born. Between my parents and myself I think we have had 9. I currently have a 12 year old white lab and my parents have a 7 year old english chocolate...

    Car stereos, whos stuff is decent these days?

    Thinking about this pioneer. Seems double din is really the only option at this point so need to but a dash bezel as well do to it right. Bikefxr, any recommendations on a small powered sub? Just want something...

    Car stereos, whos stuff is decent these days?

    Well the clarion head unit in my daily driver 98 k1500 is going out, the FM tuner only works for the first few minutes after startup and then goes silent. So I have to put something in it and thinking it would be nice to upgrade to something with Android Auto like my 17 Sierra has for all the...

    Living in Middle Tennessee is Awesome

    Whitetail are plentiful pretty much everywhere in the middle of the country. These were on my pond damn behind my house when I came home the other day.

    GMT400 Price Trend

    They have been rising in price the last few years for sure with the standard cab short bed 2wd really jumping from what I have seen. I gave 7k for my 98 z71 ext cab with 110k on the clock 4 years ago and it is as clean as they come here in the midwest. I suspect I could sell it for 11-12 in...

    My baby. I'm so proud of her.

    So she started college in 6th grade which means she probably mastered spelling her last name in 5th? Just kidding man that is awesome! Way more going on upstairs than I have for sure I just design industrial equipment for a living.

    This is busting me up.

    Having had a few run ins with hornets I cant believe he was able to get close enough to spray them without getting the poo stung out of him. Bald faced hornets are not something you want to F with...

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