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    Roof Marker Lights Camaro

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    Forgetting History

    Give it enough time, nothing matters
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    Forgetting History

    It's not forgetting, it just doesn't matter all that much after a lot of time has passed 9/11 will be the same way, once the next big thing happens we'll move on from that within time and it will stay forever within the history books. The white house did post something though...
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    California DMV registration 71 issues.

    obviously not the same but I didn't even have that much issue with my car when I got it in my name. I called the DMV, lady asked if I got it smogged, said no because it didn't need it due to the year, "oh...ok" and then got everything transferred in my name. Hopefully the CHP can get you...
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    Credit Cards

    That is not how that works in the slightest
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    Are you using the hooker panel, or something else this would also be better posted in the body restoration section
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    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    I was at an event last night and apparently there was a show going on where this thing transforms. I wasn't able to see it happen though, by the time I found it they were packing up.
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    Transformers Rise of the Beasts

    Got the first trailer, and the only screenshots I care about The movie is probably going to be bad, just like all (live action) Transformers movies are, but figured I'd share none the less
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    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    Got the first trailer, and the only screenshots I care about I have no plans on making my car look like the 2nd image lol
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    Mixed SPI epoxy pot life

    I had a bit of left over SPI after I sprayed the bottom of my car it was still liquid, but I put it on a test panel to see what would happen and it started to seperate and did not have a good bond to the metal, I wouldn't personally trust it
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    Mixed SPI epoxy pot life

    Max pot life of already mixed SPI epoxy is 5 days depending on storage conditions. What you have is useless if it's already mixed with activator
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    I got scammed by a guy.

    Post the picture of your gauge cluster
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    T-Top Conversion

    I'll be honest, it's probably better for you to get a car already with t-tops instead of doing a conversion. But if you're dead set on it, a donor roof would be your only real option
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    I got scammed by a guy.

    post the picture you have of your gauges, and post the picture you got back because right now I just see words for a witch hunt with no evidence
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    why are 74-77 Camaros so hard to find?

    Thats the dream, just have to chip away little by little. You'll eventually find the car you want, might have to venture off to other states if you really want it. I see a lot of 75-77 around my area for sale at reasonable prices without much rust.
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    why are 74-77 Camaros so hard to find?

    a lot of them were used for cash for clunkers, and their giant bumpers made them great destruction derby cars so a lot were destroyed for fun. Also doesn't help that 74-77 are arguably the least desirable look for the generation so people don't generally try to save them.
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    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    I got my housing ends from strange today. They look really nice and the center cap fits in the wheel without an issue, which was my only real concern. I didn't buy brakes yet because I don't need them right now. For those not aware, this is a full float conversion so the weight of the car isn't...
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    1979 Camaro Stock lower control arm

    This video will clear up any confusion you may have
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    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    I wonder if thats someone's replica for the car, theres a lot of incorrect items on it, unless it was only used for promotional purposes outside of filming. Edit: Got an update on my rear end, it's still a few weeks out, so it's in limbo for whatever reason. I am not sure what the hold up is...
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    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    I worded that wrong, I should have said a set of 5 wheels 1 was the spare, and then 4 are the new ones I bought for the car I plan on selling the rally wheels when I'm done with the car, I use them to roll it around without messing up my nice ones. I'll eventually get a set of 18" for track day

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