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    First brake job

    It is easy enough to pop the piston out with a bit of compressed air and look for corrosion and pitting. I use a welders clamp to push pistons back in. They don't put a ton of pressure on compared to a big c-clamp and they're easy to fit into wheel wells.
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    1970 Camaro RS 350CID roller rockers (10 bolt Non-Posi) want a 12 bolt posi swap --

    The skip and jumping is a different issue and sounds like wheel hop. How old are springs and bushings? What kind of tire and what age? How old and what kind of shocks? Even the best parts can grenade with a hard launch, suddenly sticking tire, and wheel hop. Manuals moreso than autos. You need...
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    1970 Camaro RS 350CID roller rockers (10 bolt Non-Posi) want a 12 bolt posi swap --

    9 inch also has a higher drive train power loss. 12 bolts are quite tough and more efficient. But neither is really wrong. Though for a couple hundred bucks difference I'd want efficient drive train transfer for a car.
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    1970 Camaro RS 350CID roller rockers (10 bolt Non-Posi) want a 12 bolt posi swap --

    Unless you are doing a numbers matching show car then you get way more performance bang for your buck with a new unit. As you saw, date coded you pay a ton for something with old components likely in need of updating for a car with decent power or matching to your driveline needs. Having a new...
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    Widened Z 5 Spoke Wheels

    The bead should always be visible as removal impacts overall strength. But normally they weld on the outer side of hoop so the side with the larger bead isn't visible with the tire mounted.
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    Brake cooling for a second gen

    Great improvement. The minor spider cracks are typical for track rotors. That's why you want a quality metallurgy rotor so it can take it and diffuse heat without fully splitting until end of life. Mine look the same after a couple weekends and my ROTORS are 15" on my 5th gen. As long as heat...
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    Stock replacement subframe?

    Detroit speed also has their hydroformed frame Looking into it previously Heidts is the lowest cost/best value of the available big name retailers selling full replacements...
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    Grabby clutch after 5 speed insta

    could be a shim/offset issue, clutch breakin issue. Sounds like it might not be disengaging fully, that would cause overheating,,,
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    Ls3 with tremec maguim 6 speed grinding

    They can be notorious for grinding without adding carbon syncros. Make sure the fluid in the hydraulic cylinder, taken from the brake master, is very very fresh. Adding a speed bleeder helps or google the ranger method as a way to keep the fluid in the TO bearing fresh. Use quality DOT 4 like...
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    GMPP 383 short block: would you pay $1,000 more for made in USA?

    Regardless of where something is made it's only as good as the process, quality assurance program, and initial specifications that the bean counters allowed. Tremec transmissions have been made in Mexico for a couple decades now. 15-25% of many new car parts are, just like 15-25% of most new car...
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    Trunk Relocation cable length

    Use a piece of cheap thin wire you have or rope to test your layout/path. Then buy exactly what you need.
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    Brake cooling for a second gen

    Then you're providing irrelevant and poor advice in a thread about preventing brake fade decelerating from 140mph at the track for products you've never even used.
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    Brake cooling for a second gen

    The difference is I don't race labels, I'm speaking to real world experience racing a full weight car to its limit until brake failure is achieved. Also if you're running "wet" brake fluid on a track car it's not what I'd call real world conditions but a poorly prepped track car running old fluid.
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    Brake cooling for a second gen

    Relief cut style: Cross drilled style:
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    Brake cooling for a second gen

    With your limitations you could consider titanium shims, it delays heat soak of the caliper. Consider ventilated caliper pistons (if made for your caliper) or relief cuts to minimize surface area contacting the rear of the brake pad and therefore thermal transfer. It also...
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    Brake cooling for a second gen

    Realistically you'd be better off investing in a different brake setup. Are you limited in wheel size or brakes by a racing class or is this HPDE? You're asking a lot of an 11" rotor and 2 piston brake setup on what is typically a heavy car. Also I've never used a Hawk pad that I liked on any...
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    Multiprocess Welder Thoughts / Recommendations? HF vs. ESAB

    I wouldn't use a HF welder for anything, especially sheetmetal work. My brother has one and its a turd, doesn't come close to rated specs. I have a Hobart MIG which is great but it's not a multiprocess. Off brand units are rarely beginner friendly and not as "smart" even when they claim to be.
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    Balancing a Driveshaft +1 for Dennys, they were local to me growing up and always had a good rep.
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    Modified LT1 dies after wot shift

    If you have to give your tuner an idea of what's wrong with the tune then the only idea you need is the name of a different tuner to go to. That's a dangerously expensive rabbit hole you're going down.
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    Belt squealing issue.. Help!

    First suspect would be the bearing from the pulley that wasn't seated fully, it was experiencing a side load and could have easily gotten trashed if you ran it that way. But any bearing or WP can squeal. Check the ribs on the belt. Stethescope is a good idea. Also try to use a straight edge to...

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