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  1. Twisted_Metal

    Kung Fu Camaro

    Big block SS car, with 14” wheels… Just like it came off the showroom floor. :cool:
  2. Twisted_Metal


    It's either a 305 or a 350. Check the 8th digit of the VIN. ("H"=305 "L"=350) Lots of good info about 81 Camaros here. --> It looks like the emissions equipment is still in place. (except for a PCV valve) The distributor and carb are the computer...
  3. Twisted_Metal

    1981 Camaro z28

    That picture is 15 years old too. The covers hid a couple of cracks in the lenses. I've replaced the tail lights since then and I no longer use the blackouts. It was always a pain taking the center section out from between the two side pieces to put gas in the car or open the trunk. I forgot...
  4. Twisted_Metal

    1981 Z28 Barrett Jackson $98k

    And others have relative's money. (After the relatives ran out of time.) People buy dreams with a big inheritance.
  5. Twisted_Metal

    1981 Camaro z28

    Welcome to NastyZ28! :cool: Interesting... My first car was a 65 Ford Custom. (4 dr, 3 on the tree, 240 6cyl) My second car was a 78 Camaro. NPD will be your best supplier for a 79-81 dash pad. (Black only)...
  6. Twisted_Metal

    1981 Z28 Barrett Jackson $98k

    ^ Correct. It has a KPH speedometer too.
  7. Twisted_Metal

    WTB 70 to 74 Seat Tracks

    You want 71-74 tracks. 70 seat tracks are very hard to find. If nobody posts some for you... Reproductions are available. I have no personal experience with them. AND... They are sold as 70-74 tracks because they will fit (but not correct for a 70)...
  8. Twisted_Metal

    Glove box door script idiocy

    I owned my 78 for over a decade and it never bothered me that they didn't "match" because you can't really see the glove box and fender emblems at the same time.
  9. Twisted_Metal

    1981 Z28 Barrett Jackson $98k

    I figured that's what it was for but I didn't notice this car had T-tops until I went back and looked at the pics. :screwup:
  10. Twisted_Metal

    What’s an acceptable level of ping

    Take a degree or two out of the initial timing.
  11. Twisted_Metal

    1981 Z28 Barrett Jackson $98k

    It's an immaculate looking car but... Wow! :eek: The paint looks like a base/clear repaint rather than a 40+ year old single stage. Curious... Do all 81 models have that little bumper at the top of the doors?
  12. Twisted_Metal

    About Gauge Marks

    Give him a call: (336) 460-0404
  13. Twisted_Metal

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    The econoline ad reminded me of this recent commercial for Flock Freight...
  14. Twisted_Metal


    Profitable run! Fuel tanker?
  15. Twisted_Metal

    plastic or steel inner fenders?

    Does any company actually make "plastic" inner fenders for 2nd gens? I've seen fiberglass and carbon fiber inner fenders but those are very expensive.
  16. Twisted_Metal

    Dies when put into gear

    Choke setting was my first thought too.
  17. Twisted_Metal

    Seat belt seat guides

    Here’s a pic of my 80 seats. This should help get you in the right area to locate those screw holes.
  18. Twisted_Metal

    1980 Z28 Camaro Switches

    The defroster switch changed in 1981. It has five connections to the harness where 79-80 only had four. There happens to be one on ebay now. (Be sure you're sitting when you see the price.)...
  19. Twisted_Metal

    1979 Z28 brake line question

    Clamp a vise grips on the rubber part of the line to move the car. Then... replace that line when you replace the metal ones.
  20. Twisted_Metal

    Clock replacement

    Replacing the guts of the clock with a quartz mechanism is cheaper than that. The oil pressure gauge swap has been done many times. GuageMarks (a site sponsor) does this work also. If you're handy... You can do it yourself with a...

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