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  1. DBinSD

    Manual Swap

    Just finished my 71 conversion to a JTM23Z (Jody’s Transmissions) 4-spd (basically a new M22 Hybrid with 2.99 first gear) 525HP w/ 3.42 rear end to make interstate driving ok. Do your research for proper fit of parts. I’m having some fine tune issues on clutch linkage to get proper...
  2. DBinSD

    Upper clutch linkage rod length?

    Hi all, I’m having clutch disengagement issues on my conversion. Can anyone tell me the hole to hole length of the upper clutch linkage rod please? The one connecting pedal to arm assembly. thank you ! DB
  3. DBinSD

    tire scrubbing issue

    I have a 71 clone 383, Z28 w/ Cooper 215/65-15 and have no issues. Make sure the front wheel is offset properly as well.
  4. DBinSD

    New tranny or rearend?

    FWIW- I have a 71 w/383sb pushing 525hp. I changed it to a JTM23z 4-spd with 2.99 1st gear and a 3.42 rear set. I have the original feel of the M22 / 4.56 combo but reasonable Hi-way speeds.
  5. DBinSD

    Brakes wont lock up.

    I will suggest checking that the booster rod length was PROPERLY set to YOUR MC. They are NOT pre-set unless specifically purchased as a matched set. You can buy the tool to measure/ set the length cheap. Good luck to ya!
  6. DBinSD

    71 Camaro V8 Manual Engine harness connector help please

    Hi all, I have searched & purchased all the diagrams I can come up with and can NOT determine what this connector is for. Maybe I have been looking at the diagrams too long? This connector is at the middle of the engine harness TRI-split just after the wiper motor. It is also wrapped with heat...
  7. DBinSD

    SBC 1-⅞" Sq Port headers W/ straight plugs HELP !

    It’s what the engine builder suggested. I did find some, made by Doug’s and Ceramic coated.
  8. DBinSD

    SBC 1-⅞" Sq Port headers W/ straight plugs HELP !

    Hi all, newbie to the forums and Nasty Z28 but, glad I found it! I have a motor for my 71 Camaro that needs headers with 1-⅞ square ports w/ straight plugs. I am having a hard time finding headers to fit the car. Any help is much appreciated. thank you

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