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  1. wickedbowties

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    One owner 19000 original miles numbers matching 1971 Z-28
  2. wickedbowties

    Question for 71 Z28 owners

    Just bought this one owner 19000 original miles and it has the decal emblem
  3. wickedbowties

    70 - 73 Z/28 emblem question

    the 70 thru 74 z28 fender emblems are not available after market if you find some they are gm emblems as for the grill and rear spoiler they are being reproduced. i work for kimbrells paint and auto in boiling springs s.c. we sell camaro chevelle and nova parts tried to buy the fender emblems a...
  4. wickedbowties

    70 - 73 Z/28 emblem question

    No One Has Ever Produced Repop Fender Emblems So They Would Be Nos As Far As The Front Could Be Repop But Probally Not If You Bought It In The 90s. Shoot Me A Pm For What You May Want For Them Might Be Interested
  5. wickedbowties

    looking for my camaro please look

    Vin Is 12487in538019
  6. wickedbowties

    Anyone have a F-body 12bolt??

    have a 70 12 bolt 373 pos complete 1200.00 828-748-7135 michael
  7. wickedbowties

    looking for my camaro please look

    was just wondering if anyone knew were my baby ended up due to hard times had to let her go . sold her to a friend who trader her off for a chevelle in pigeon forge tn a few months back. just like to know whos got her and plans they have for her thanks guys
  8. wickedbowties

    Rod Run in Tennessee

    ill be there been going for the last 20 years spring and fall have a blast every time
  9. wickedbowties

    Removing overspray off window

    spray with glass cleaner then use razor blade to remove
  10. wickedbowties

    What are you going to do with your car when you get old?

    going to let my daughter have first pick between the 71 camaro or the 65 shelby stang my son gets the other
  11. wickedbowties

    Ebay Z28 Have fun with this one!

    boy you guys are some tough critics this car belongs to a friend of mine he buys and sells alot of cars and trucks . this one looks to be a pretty nice car from what i see in the pics have not seen in person though. i can promise you this man is as straight up and honest as they come and doesnt...
  12. wickedbowties

    Where to buy body panels?

    i used the goodmark quarters on mine fit like a glove also used there tailpanel fit good plus the metal seemed to be a little heiver gauge than factory
  13. wickedbowties

    144 blower

    had the 177 b&m on my camaro have to run a carb with the milled choke horn and use a drop base stile breather to be able to run a three inch elemant. also had to remove the vent tubes from the carb. dont know why they did it but if you look in the cutout under the hood were the breather sits...
  14. wickedbowties

    Gun metal gray engine paint?

    i used the cast iron grey on my motor then cleared it turned out nice :bowtie: :happy: :cool:
  15. wickedbowties

    1970-1973 owners

  16. wickedbowties

    4" steel hood

    good mark has started carring some for the first gen cars but as far as i know there are none for the second gen yet. michael
  17. wickedbowties

    sand blasting

    a pair of ear plugs and a respirator would help hard to get sand out of the ears lol
  18. wickedbowties

    did my painter make a mistake?

    i own my own resto shop and like said 600 is plenty if you are going to spray a sealer before paint you shouldnt have a problem with sand scatches any way

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