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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Ordered this 7 weeks ago. Should be in soon. 2017 Ducati Scrambler Café Racer.
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Thought I'd update.
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    Cosigners Beware: Dusty's Old Cars?

    Your right and people should be aware. Their company Web site is still up and running for now. My friend is trying to get an Iroc Z and a Corvette back from them but not having much luck at the moment. I hope the members here will share this through their social media.
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    Cosigners Beware: Dusty's Old Cars?

    I'd like to make people aware of this situation going on in New Hampshire right now. I have a personal friend who is presently out 2 of his cars and not getting any good news as of yet. Please share this story...
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Been kicking myself since I parted with mine back in 81. Moved on to Gpz's. Saw this little jewel on Ebay and said why not. One owner bike with 7k original miles. Sat for 30 years after a little mishap. I've got her down to bare frame and am bringing her back to like new.
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    My latest purchase
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    Residential Geothermal Heat and AC Questions

    Why? Do you mean for the initial filling?My system is a closed loop. Aren't they all?
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    Massachusetts has the worst drivers

    In Boston if you want to get anywhere you cant display the least bit of fear or courtesy. My motto was always drive to intimidate.
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    Weimaraner breed?

    My parents had a weirmaraner when I was about 8. I remember him being hard to keep in the yard as he liked to chase anything that moved. He was chocolate brown with a short glossy coat. Very good looking dog.
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    71 Seat Back Knob

    Fwiw when I couldn't find any I resorted to plastic dip. You can buy it at Lowes.
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    My latest vintage gear acquisition!

    Hey Doug look what I picked up in trade for a couple oil cans. Only 20 watts but this thing sounds incredible with these bookshelf speakers the guy threw in. Cant wait to set it up in the garage tomorrow.
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    Alright, I want one......

    Pricing is "North of 65k". As far as the 8,9 speed transmissions I believe it to squeeze out more mpg's.
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    Silver that "pops"

    Try googling Porsche Arctic Siler.
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    Diamond Wedding rings - new alternatives

    The whole idea of a diamond being the symbol for love and devotion is just a bunch of horse crap imo. It's like paying for body and paint up front and hoping it turns out nice. The next one gets the ring after 20 years of "faithful" service and even then I think its a waste of money. If she...
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    What do you guys think about a solid "Stripe"? Pics of yours?

    Looks very nice. What colors are those? Body color looks very similar to mine.
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    Kentucky 3 Rail Fence, need rail size.

    Typically the fences are built with 6" posts 8' on center with 1 1/8" x 6" x16 ft. rails. Personally I like the look of the 4 board fences here but I'm not the one paying for it.
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    Tony Gwynn dies at age 54

    I just came across this tonight and if anyone has 10 minutes to read a great personal account of working along side Tony Gwynn I think they'll enjoy it.
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    Tony Gwynn dies at age 54 One of the games greatest hitters passes of cancer. Never a big fan of the Padres but did admire Gwynn for his sportsmanship and abilities.
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    My latest vintage gear acquisition!

    ^this and just about any Goodwill you walk in will have vinyl. You have to sift through a ton of crap like Engelbert Humperdink or A very Willie Nelson Christmas to find anything good thou.
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    #1 2015 Z28 @ Barrett Jackson

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