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  1. fltinstructor

    LT1 vs LS3 questions

    I bought a pull out LS3/TR6060 for my car that cost $2500. I did the conversion on the TR6060 with a kit Tick Performance used to sell for $500. It increases the torque rate for the TR6060 because it uses the Magnum mainshaft. Because I did it myself and not farmed it out it was cost...
  2. fltinstructor

    Auto painting 101 help?

    I just bought paint to do a fender on my truck. Cost $108 for the pint of metallic. I already had some clear coat and primer at home.
  3. fltinstructor

    Wipers adjustment?

    Glad you got it working and reported back on your success.
  4. fltinstructor


    There is a garage in that picture? I thought it was a den. Great looking car!!
  5. fltinstructor

    Camaro RS LS1 Build Thread

    I did my pump the same way with threading the outlets but I cut about 1/4" off the surface to give more room at the upper A-arm. Then I chose AN to Npt fittings so I can run 5/8 hoses to both. Vintage Air uses the same size for both hoses. I like your fittings.
  6. fltinstructor

    Butternut the Gumball Camaro

    I don't drive that fast, but I do like to keep up with freeway traffic. I had 4.56 in before the swap. Now I have 3.73's but I was used to shifting my C5 six speed for so many years that I'm not used to only 5 shifts. I am getting better. 😁
  7. fltinstructor

    Butternut the Gumball Camaro

    Butternut Yellow 😍😍😍 You'll love the TKX. Only problem with mine...I keep trying to put it in 6th gear. It's reverse...🤪 Very nice build.
  8. fltinstructor

    Caribbean Camaro

    Man, You are one talented and determined man to tackle all this in the street. I ished I was down there to have a couple of Don Q cocktails and shoot the breeze about your project. It won't be long and you'll be driving around. I hope to get mine finished this year.
  9. fltinstructor

    '74 Z28 4spd - UK build

    Really nice car you have. It has a very healthy sound to it. Too bad you can't list what has been modified in that engine. It certainly didn't sound like that stock. Thanks for sharing
  10. fltinstructor

    Can’t get more high tech than this roadster shop 2nd Gen

    In Texas if you register a car over 25 years old as antique it doesn't get a safety inspection. You could not have a woking emergency/park brake.
  11. fltinstructor

    71 RS - abandoned 23 years

    The cable is interchangeable. Didn't the Autometer gauge come with instructions?
  12. fltinstructor

    My 72 Z THANKS to the Nasty Z28 community

    I'm trying to picture it with white stripes. Jk. Very nice car you have.
  13. fltinstructor

    Paint shop jail! Should I bail?

    Well, I can see you caved in. I feel your instinct to wanting the car done and since it's there...... I hope he comes through for you. Good luck.
  14. fltinstructor

    Citrus green 1970 z28 restoration thread

    I'm redoing and painting mine that color right now. Might be in paint by Xmas.
  15. fltinstructor

    Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    Am I missing reading the prices right. Ekler's is 119 and Classic Industries is 113. Might have been close to the difference in shipping. (Not) Just saying.
  16. fltinstructor

    DIY Trunk divider and package tray

    First link worked for me. Nice info.
  17. fltinstructor

    Changing differential, gear pattern issue

    I use this simple tool to get pinion depth on gears not marked. Put pinion bearing on with no shim and measure from the slot in the tool. Ratech Pinion Bearing Tool (*Edit) On that site is also a link for how to calculate the pinion depth on gears not marked. I do the math to double check...
  18. fltinstructor

    Making some progress......

    I say no way Jose, You must have a small army to help with assembly and plan to not sleep. I'm staying tuned TV or not. Good luck!
  19. fltinstructor

    1970 Camaro Restofy

    Gotta be a rush with no windshield. Sounds great!

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