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    Duel...1971 chase scene.

    "Duel" never made it to the big screen but was first shown on television. My mother, of all people, saw it and said it was quite suspenseful. Mary Pozzi
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    Slotted/Drilled Front Rotors

    Slotted rotors are fine for street applications but not a fan of drilled rotors as they're prone to cracking if they get overheated. Mary Pozzi
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    Hawk DTC60 pads

    For track, I run DTC 70's on the front and DTC 60's on the rear on the Camaro. They're absolutely spot on for track but suck royally on the street. Yes, they'll stop the car but are noisy (I couldn't sneak up on a rock concert if my life depended on it), dusty, and need to be heated up before...
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    Interesting take on auto-x

    Don't fret!! The Camaro hasn't been put up in mothballs and it will see a bit of competition this year. Mary Pozzi
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    Why a car flashes outside temp

    It's safety-related for freezing outside temperatures (or close to it). Mary Pozzi
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    Tubular A-Arms / Bushings / Coil-Overs ?

    Totally agree and I, for one, noticed a huge difference before and after the G-brace install. Unless you swap sub frames from OEM to something that's had added strength incorporated into the design, definitely add these braces to your handling upgrades. Mary Pozzi
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    spring rates auto cross

    600# front coils with a drop should be a good start. Don't forget the rear leafs and I'm a huge fan of Global West's CAT5's if you stay with a conventional set up. I autocrossed my Camaro for years with lowering springs/leafs and did very well. Bars and shocks ... and you're set. Mary Pozzi
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    Race Ramps Opinions

    We've got several sets and love them. Lightweight, easy to store and move about, and they get the front end up so I can drive the Camaro into the trailer with no scrapes. That new splitter cost me another $300+ just for ease of access into the trailer but it had to be done. If you've got...
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    Tire inspection

    I guess a better question would be ... would you buy a set of tires knowing they were ten years old? If the price of your prospective purchase is favorable and allows some cushion, just buy another set of tires and be done with it. I look at failed tires a lot as part of my day job and a tire...
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    need help bad not sure where to get part i need or what its called

    ... and you'll get what you pay for. A patch job!! I can guarantee you that what you can visibly see is a tip on the iceberg for the rust. You're needing a floor pan, both rear rails, possibly a subframe, the bushings and retaining hardware, and the brackets for the rear leafs, and this is at...
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    Who here has a 4th gen LS1 F-body?

    I have one ... 2002 SS, M6, and solid top. Great car except I don't drive it that much. Only has 27K on the odometer ... <sigh> Only problem with it is these little zits on the roof. Mary Pozzi
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    Anyone have a big trailer???

    I have a Featherlike 24' enclosed box trailer with V-nose and tow it with a Dodge dually (Cummins) that has a Lance camper insert. Believe it or not, the truck gets better mileage with the camper than without, even with the added weight. I normally get between 13-16 mpg and it depends on the...
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    Good news/bad news with 2" drop

    Doubt that Eibach has lowering leafs but check with Hotchkis or Global West. This may set you back a couple of bux but is the correct way to accomplish a lowered car and something that can handle a corner or two. Mary
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    Good news/bad news with 2" drop

    If you are going for "The Look," a one inch block might do it. To do this the proper way, research and then purchase a true lowering leaf that will support the chassis yet give you that drop you want to achieve. For the front, replace with a corresponding lowering spring and good to know you...
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    Tall ball joint questions QA1 vs Proforged

    Proforged. They're excellent product.
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    Mary Pozzi

    Nope ... that's Kyle's Camaro. And there's a sorta funny story about me and DSE. I bought my Camaro back in 2002 and immediately started researching suspension. Back then, it was very slim pickings compared to the smorgasbord of cool bits and systems available now. I sent DSE an email and got...
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    Sway Bars

    This is a very good bar as it's adjustable. Keep this bar ... Mary Pozzi
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    Uninsured accident guidance or opinions

    ... to be continued. If there is collision coverage on the vehicle, the towing charges might be reimbursable. Save all of the receipts. If you message me photographs, I can usually tell if a vehicle is TLV (total loss) or repairable. And if she did get another carrier to insure the vehicle...
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    Uninsured accident guidance or opinions

    69LM1 is correct as the lien holder would be notified if insurance coverage (comprehensive and collision) was dropped. The lien holder then gets their own coverage and adds the amount to the monthly payment for the loan. The cost of collision repairs varies greatly and it depends if the...
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    Front End Alignment

    ^^^ what he said ^^^. Those arms should be able to help with the caster and I would keep toe near zero to reduce tire wear. A degree, no more. of camber should help as well. You'll have to do some research to find a shop that can work "outside of the box" with this. They're out there ...