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  1. Budz

    70 Z28 Rally Wheel Trim Ring

    This is a vintage photo of a "brand new 70 z28" from a 1970 GM Pre-sale display. They appear to be brushed, with a light sheen like the original rings shown in the previous posts. Not shiny like the chrome finish on the center cap, but they did have a slight shine to them. Side note...notice...
  2. Budz

    Location of ID stamping on 1970 camaro subframe?

    My 04D Norwood Z/28 frame stamp....Same date as yours (April 22, 1970) but last two digits are S1, which according to the info in post #16 means mine was manufactured by A.O. Smith
  3. Budz

    Hood hinges (Camaro vs Firebird)

    The hinges you sold appear to be the 1st design, weak Camaro hinges that were replaced by GM in early 1970... See Post #30 on page 3 of this thread for some info Thread--> The one's you're calling Firebird hinges were...
  4. Budz

    Driving & trying to feed a baby in the back seat.

    My daughters boyfriend was hit head-on a few weeks ago. He was traveling one direction approaching an oncoming car that was waiting to turn left after he passed. Unfortunately, the driver was waiting with their wheels already turned, which I was taught never to do in case you get rear-ended so...
  5. Budz

    Body date Codes

    Looks like the rear frame rail by the axle bump stop bracket
  6. Budz

    1970 Z28 - bringing it back to life

    You might want to ask some of 'restoration' questions in The Original Drivetrain Topic since you're working with original parts. Nice work BTW....:bowtie::bowtie:
  7. Budz

    Chevelle Lets settle this once and for model year!

    It'll never be settled, but I have to go with my old '70 SS 454
  8. Budz

    The 2 word game

    Reduction gear
  9. Budz

    Finding a 270 Ignition Coil is like Finding a Hen Tooth

    FYI... The Parts Place coil is close but not 100% which is no surprise from them. It doesn't look like the advertised's missing the 'dash' between the B and R, as well as the square collars under the nuts. The coil shown their ad is not what you're going to get. I haven't compared...
  10. Budz

    Finding a 270 Ignition Coil is like Finding a Hen Tooth

    FWIW... A little Coil history about markings in post #3 below, as well as a photo in post #5 showing original 270 12V stamped vs 270 BR or 270 B-R. I doubt the 270 12V coils are repops since the post is so old. Post: FYI, shows the...
  11. Budz

    question about 71 Camaros

    The OP seems to have left the building so I guess I'm just beating a dead horse, but yes, the Z22 Rally Sport Package could be added to any model 70-73 Camaro if requested as an extra-cost option. These are both 70 Z/28's...Real standard vs real RS front ends.
  12. Budz

    Ford Explorer Limited

    I bought my 2012 Explorer Limited in 2011, and it's had no major problems other than a couple of minor Recall issues and general wear items like brakes. My wife uses it mainly, and it only has about 88K miles on it. My only real complaint (other than it being a Ford) is the driver seat is...
  13. Budz

    Factory correct 70 z exhaust system

    Probably call them...they may sell partial, as well as complete sets now which would affect the pricing. Years ago I paid (w/shipping) close to, or maybe slightly over $1000 for the complete system. (pipes, clamps, muffler, etc). They would only sell the complete system at that time unless you...
  14. Budz

    Factory correct 70 z exhaust system

    PSA....Drastic difference shown in this video between the Gray and Gardner mufflers. -->
  15. Budz

    Wiper Washer - Ribbed hose

  16. Budz

    Wiper Washer - Ribbed hose

    Where did any of you get the 'ribbed' wiper washer squirter hoses and supply line for your '70 Camaro? Pic from Charley's car for attention.
  17. Budz

    6 figure dollar classics lets have a chat shall we?

    Mine (T-Top car)....35th Anniversary SS...a little over 3300 made, about half stayed in Canada where they were built, and half went to the U.S...and they came with a "Birth Certificate" and few novelty items. The paint-matched grill was an ad-on, but you could only buy it from SLP after showing...
  18. Budz

    6 figure dollar classics lets have a chat shall we?

    My 2002 Limited Edition SS only has 5300 miles on it......I consider that 'low mileage', but have no idea what it's worth these days. I feel like nobody wants a 4th Gen. :bowtie:
  19. Budz

    Decoding body tag

    NOR = Norwood assembly plant. As a rule, Norwood cars had Z28 stamped on the cowl tag, while Van Nuys cars did not. I believe there are known exceptions to both (not really sure), so there's always a chance your car was mis-stamped, but I doubt it meaning it's not a real Z/28
  20. Budz

    Saw this on the road today

    Saw this first one (looks like a '73) about a month ago, and the blue '70 about a year ago. Never got close to the '73, but stopped for a photo op with the blue one. Never made contact with the owner of the blue one though before it disappeared.