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  1. Zclassic

    Anyone know this car?

    First time I have seen the "lo-pro" front license plate.
  2. Zclassic

    L34 on Evelbay

    Is this car in your neck of the woods?
  3. Zclassic

    Please help confirm 12 bolt axle stamping is legitimate. COZ 0302 G 2 with E below

    Sweet deal for sure. The rear is worth triple what you paid for the car. lol
  4. Zclassic

    L34 on Evelbay

    Is this car, or maybe a couple parts, worth more than 10k? I see 2 extremely hard parts to find and maybe a 3rd if the wheel is not cracked...
  5. Zclassic

    1971 Camaro SS, Split Bumper, FL $49,000.

    Nice hot rod. A Norwood built '71 SS Camaro would have Z27 on the cowl tag.
  6. Zclassic

    Chuck Sharin aka CamarosRus ORIGINAL 70 Z28 For Sale

    The last column shift Camaro I drove was my '71 307 with a glide in high school in 1981. I can't remember ever seeing a '70 Z with a column shift. That has got to be one rare bird and don't see value lost because of it. Did you special order it that way or was it on the lot?
  7. Zclassic

    1970 L78 Camaro wanted

    I have an Norwood RS roller that I will part with and have what I believe is the original block. The number down by the oil filter is hardly readable so can't say for certain. Do not have born with tranny or rear but does have an SS coded 12 bolt. It is in much better shape than the one above...
  8. Zclassic

    American autowire crimpers part #510587

    The current list price for these is $184. Summit will be selling these for a few more weeks at the old price according to American. Sorry, I can't help you.
  9. Zclassic

    American autowire crimpers part #510587

    I am an American Autowire dealer and can get a quote. The set would be drop shipped to you. To be honest by the time I pay shipping and tax it's going to be close to the list price of $160. The free shipping from the box stores kills the little guy. Thanks
  10. Zclassic

    1970 Z28 Manual steering Box with Pittman arm for sale

    I'm interested in this gear. Does the date code compute to it being the 93rd day of 70? Thanks
  11. Zclassic

    Chuck Sharin aka CamarosRus ORIGINAL 70 Z28 For Sale

    If it was mine I'd want it back....
  12. Zclassic

    1970 Z28 revival after 35 years, looking for Exhaust recommendation.

    I bought a header back transverse system from Summit that is currently $277. Thrush 89021. The pipes fit ok but did require some clearances and tweaking. The biggest hangup I had was modifying the supplied mounts for the muffler. It was a minor pain but did get done. The tailpipes are too long...
  13. Zclassic

    Looks like a decent L78 for sale

    LOL. dude it's obviously worth a considerable amount to whoever bought it. I saw no mention of paper included with this car so it boiled down to it not being a restamp. It's just an opinion.
  14. Zclassic

    Looks like a decent L78 for sale

    That is some serious coin for an LA built car IMHO. Glad to see it...
  15. Zclassic

    Looking for a nice original big block fan shroud

    Years ago I purchased parts from an original, running LA built L34. I bought the complete entire car except for the body and console. The day I went to pick up the subframe, drivetrain, interior, etc. the first thing I did was grab the fan shroud and put it in the cab of the truck. lol. Good...
  16. Zclassic

    Looking for a nice original big block fan shroud

    Finding one of those is like finding a radiator for a VW bug....
  17. Zclassic

    Crooked 70-73 RS Bumpers

    I can't tell in the pic but make sure your hockey sticks are in there. I see lots of cars where those were omitted in the assembly.
  18. Zclassic

    TKX Conversion kits

    I guess TKO's are out dated but I installed 2 of them back in '02 and '04. The 5 speed made the cars so much nicer to drive....and they haul the mail on the interstate. I used the factory 11" flywheel, 621 bell housing and a Hays street clutch. I did go through the hassle of getting the bell...
  19. Zclassic

    N.O.S. and Used Original Parts For Sale - 2022

    I will second that. Dave is a valuable asset to the board here with his knowledge and collection of parts for sale. He is not trying to make a killing either. I have bought wheels and other parts from him and has always acted professional and courteous. He does sleep late
  20. Zclassic

    1972-74 upper door panels gm

    I will take them if arm2004 passes. Thanks