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  1. 496z28

    Tulsa/ Kellyville Swap meet This Weekend... 4/21-22, 2022...

    Doc, I need a set of rear leaf springs, got any laying around sir?
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    Tittie Tuesday....

    I miss this group! Lol
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    Trailer mounted engine test / run stand project...

    Now that looks like fun! Id make a few changes for safety reasons, but other than that. Heck yea man!
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    Did I do that? (Steve Erkle voice)
  5. 496z28

    Engine removal the fast way!

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it had something to do with massive clutch failure? What else would propel the engine up and forward?
  6. 496z28

    Which plugs? 781 big block....

    I had the same problem with my dually. Never got it figured out. I was running NGK UR5 plugs.
  7. 496z28

    Damn Racoon in my shed

    Get a ratchet strap, hook the tire and drag it outside. Coon can find his way from there.
  8. 496z28

    Carburetor back fire

    Flat cam lobe.
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    Monday morning hotties...

  10. 496z28

    Anyone watching the Mega race ??

    I never said Chief wasnt an *******. Im just saying that when he is not around cameras he is a good guy. Im not saying he was right on that pinks show, but you have to remember. People that edit that stuff can cut and chop that stuff up and not show the complete story. Its all for drama and...
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    Anyone watching the Mega race ??

    If kids are watching tv shows and try to copy what they see, thats on them. Full disclosure at the beginning of every episode. Every tv show in the history of tv has had an influence on what people do. If someone is going to single out one show, well, thats on them as well. As far as Chief and...
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    Anyone watching the Mega race ??

    Who has that pic of the dead horse getting beat!? The racing is real and not staged. They race on the street. The street is closed and permits are issued. Medics are on scene. But it is still on the street. Call it fake, staged, scripted, etc all you want. If that is what you believe than so...
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    So who has the fastest 2nd gen on this site?

    It ran 10.36 @ 140mph two runs back to back. I was jumping up and down inside that car! I was pumped! Took the car in to let it cool. 45 minutes later, made another pass and the car slowed down 4mph and ran 10.42 Brought it back in and put a new set of plugs in and it slowed down another 2mph...
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    Roll Cage Requirement For Targa Top Cars

    To answer your question. Treat targa tops and t-tops, the same as verts. You dont have metal over your head, put a cage in it.
  15. 496z28

    Roll Cage Requirement For Targa Top Cars

    I agree! Do not skimp on safety. 6-point minimum for racing anything over 60mph is my PERSONAL opinion. No such thing as overkill on safety.
  16. 496z28

    So who has the fastest 2nd gen on this site?

    Forgot to add. Trans was fine, we did change converter. Also took 28 pounds out of the car.
  17. 496z28

    So who has the fastest 2nd gen on this site?

    [email protected] on March 11th. Still NA, I think there is more in it. Plate is on, but no bottle pass yet.
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    2013 Fully loaded delux 18x72 car hauler $3500

    Nice trailer!! Where are you located?
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    Th-350 leaking out of the speedometer gear housing

    I second putting permatex on it. 515 is some amazing stuff. Lol
  20. 496z28

    Sbc timing problems

    What cam do you have? Do you have the correct distributor drive gear? Worn gear will cause erratic timing too. So will a worn timing chain.