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  1. Da_Raabi

    Camaro - Specific Mudflaps?

    I was driving to work this morning and happened to pull up right behind a very nice 80-81 Z28. It had the 80's style wide wheels on it and, of all things, mud flaps. I forgot how much I like that look! Probably scared the crap out of the guy as I tried to pull up next to him to get a better...
  2. Da_Raabi

    Has anyone used the summit brand dual exhaust?

    I also used the Summit 2.5" turbo muffler system. I like it a LOT. I've always been a fan of that deep turbo muffler sound, and these got me there. The fit was perfect, even though I'm running a '95 LT1 with mid-length headers. There's always a little adaptation needed when installing an...
  3. Da_Raabi

    Anyone still use this ....

    This is what happens when you use too much Slick 50. This was the magnum 318 that was in my 99 Durango when I first got it. Previous owner was religious about using Slick 50. I'm with @BonzoHansen - I don't like additives unless you are trying to prolong the life of a dying...
  4. Da_Raabi

    What do you think of these plugs? Pretty Foul...

    Looks like the choice has been made for me... I went to go toss these back in for the time being and the second one went "CRACK". Yup. So I guess Delco 41-906 it is. Man my phone sucks at taking pictures...
  5. Da_Raabi

    What do you think of these plugs? Pretty Foul...

    Unfortunately I already cleaned them, so those are the best pics I'm going to get. It was late last night so I apologize for the cruddy quality. These plugs are NGK TR55IX 7164. Looking them up, I discovered that these plugs are actually gapped at .060!!! YIKES. That's way too much. Even the...
  6. Da_Raabi

    What do you think of these plugs? Pretty Foul...

    I decided to drive the Camaro to work a few days ago. It did ok, but the engine had picked up a decent miss and was popping through the exhaust a bit. Keep in mind this is a carb/HEI swapped '95 LT1 377 stroker with 11.4:1 compression and a decent cam. The first carb I put on this engine was...
  7. Da_Raabi

    How often do you clean and relube front calipers?

    It was a joke. I'd just never heard of the practice. Down here in FL you can run a set of brakes into the ground, pull everything apart, replace the pads and rotors, and keep right on going without a spot of lube or grease or anything. I had never even thought of a mid-cycle lube job on brakes!
  8. Da_Raabi

    How often do you clean and relube front calipers?

    You guys service your brakes in between pad changes?
  9. Da_Raabi

    Butternut the Gumball Camaro

    How to describe the feeling... Hmm. Well, amazing, yet TERRIFYING. Did I tighten all those bolts? Is the motor going to blow up? Did I put a lip seal in the transmission backwards? YIKES. Would I have it any other way? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I'll see if I can grab a video cruising. I think I have a...
  10. Da_Raabi

    Butternut the Gumball Camaro

    I know the pain! It seems silly to own a car so long and yet never actually drive it. Keep your chin up though! You will get there! I thought about giving up before I got my LT1 put together, but I was able to drive the old girl to work today. You can get there!!!
  11. Da_Raabi

    Butternut the Gumball Camaro

    Wow that is an impressive repair. That hogged out hole almost busted through into the combustion palace. That's wild they were able to repair it basically to new. I'm assuming they had to weld it up?
  12. Da_Raabi

    2010 Camaro Seat In 2nd Gen

    I was going to say check amazon for a replacement connector and wire it up for testing... Until I saw the picture. Hoo doggy thats a big one. I'd go for the power probe instead!
  13. Da_Raabi


    Ugh, this was terrible. My wife worked on that B17 a few years ago. When she heard she was in tears. Both of the B17s she's worked on have now crashed. It's very sad. I actually have a piece of Texas Raider in my garage. One of the projects the shop she worked at did was install the top turret...
  14. Da_Raabi

    Rustoleum Floor Coating

    Isnt that stuff vinyl? Does it scratch easy or pull/tear when moving stuff across it? I see you have a lift so jacks are probably not a thing for you but do you have experience using jack stands on those tiles? Being vinyl I'd think they would cut right through them.
  15. Da_Raabi

    Part Number for Oil Pressure Switch to control Choke?

    @Twisted_Metal Just wanted to say thanks again. I finally got around to hooking up the choke a couple of days ago. Turns out the summit-brand 4160 carb I had was trash so I pulled the trigger on an Edelbrock AVS2 carb. While I had everything apart I picked up the oil pressure switch and...
  16. Da_Raabi

    1998 Chevy 1500 4x4 , 350 , 4 spd manual with 373 gears

    What manual transmission does it have in it? The auto transmissions of that vintage would have been OD which would have solved this issue. My 1986 was set up with a 454/TH400, 4:10 gears and 31.5" tires. I ran it down the highway at 65mph all the time with zero issues. It blew up when I hit...
  17. Da_Raabi

    77 c20 454 th400 swap to 2nd gen?

    I used the 454 out of a 1980s RV with stock 1980 Camaro motor mounts without any trouble. I did use a TH350 instead of the TH400 trans in order to use the stock driveshaft and crossmember though. If you choose to use the TH400 you will need to modify both of those. The driveshaft will need to be...
  18. Da_Raabi

    A Weird One - Dead Battery

    That was my thought as well. A short between cells. I'd just never seen one crop up like this before. And I'm not trashing WM batteries. They are hands down the cheapest, and they seem to be some of the best. I've not had great luck with Advance brand batteries though... I go through them like...
  19. Da_Raabi

    A Weird One - Dead Battery

    Here's a weird one, and I'm curious if anyone here has seen it before. I put a new battery (Walmart) in our new-to-me 2011 Tahoe about a month ago, and it went dead yesterday morning. My wife was trying to get the kids to school, so she jumped it off the Camaro and got going. I figured I'd look...
  20. Da_Raabi

    I hope you Florida peeps are playing it safe.

    Just rain over here in Daytona so far. From the maps its looks like the most we will get is tropical storm force winds. We've prepped some, but not too much. Did'nt see much need on this side of the state. I'll probably close our shutters this evening before dark. This is our first time riding...