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    74-77 parts

    I have thes e part for a 74 to 77 Camaro if there is any interest in.
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    WTB - 73 Camaro

    Are you still looking
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    Looking for a 70-71-72 camaro rs or z28 i have around 10k

    i have a 73 r/s that I put back together need alot of tlc has a 350 and a M20 muncie 4 speed.I can send pic if you are interested in a project that needs finished.Dave
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    replaced leaf springs

    you know the ride is good nice stance and I don't need to add air. I like the new stance. just not the bump on the right side.
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    replaced leaf springs

    Thanks I will try that.
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    replaced leaf springs

    yes I got new shocks before I replaced the leaf springs hopping it would help with the sagging leaf springs. the shocks are load level.
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    replaced leaf springs

    I replaced the sagging leaf springs and air shocks with coil shocks and new leaf springs with 5 leafs.Took it out for a drive now every bump on the road I feel and hear a wheel hop bump on the right side. I don't see anything to be loose. Any ideas?
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    hot brakes

    put new brake shoes all around on my car, adjusted them also bled the lines took her out for a test run brake drums are hot so hot that I can't hold my hand on them. what to look for now?
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    leaf springs, slapper bars

    what do you want for the springs and shocks?
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    leaf springs, slapper bars

    I would be interested in the shocks and springs if you could post some pic,thank Dave
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    2018 calendars

    are the 2018 calendars available to purchase yet?
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    battery drain

    got a new rebuilt alternator from auto zone, volts are around 14 on the guage. Turned the lights on volts stayed up around 13.6-13.8 may have been the altenator from Napa. Thanks for all the help.
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    battery drain

    I know this is a second gen forum,I have a third gen that I drive daily which Iam having a voltage drop when I drive with the light on. It started when I had to replace the ingnition switch then the battery seemed weak so I replaces it with a napa gold then when I was driving to work and the...
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    FS- Brake Pedal, Cruise diaphragm, pulleys

    trim molding i'll take them if the other guy doesn't take them
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    3.73 gears

    looking for a set of 12 bolt 3.73 rear gears
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    rear gears

    iam looking for a set of 3.73 gears for a 12 bolt rear
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    bleeding brakes

    I replaced the brake lines on my 2003 chevy silverado do i need the truck running or the switch on when bleeding the brakes/
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    hard start

    starts fine when first start the car,take it for a drive shut it off does't want to start unless you hold the pedal to the floor. has a 600 holley carb
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    escrow. com

    has anyone heard of or has anyone used for buying or the sale of a car?
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    2.5 cowl hood

    i have a fiberglass cowl hood for sale 2.5 in. its a bolt on. if you would like to see pic. look at craigslist(york pa.)i don't know why i can't post pic. here it tells me they are too large price is 150. pick up only.