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    Overheating question

    I have the same issue , after oil changed the noise started from valve cover and it s similar to grind the metal . zzzzzzzzzzzsssssssssooooooooooo what can i do ?
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    1975 camaro in IRAN

    Thanks Leonard. I think this link can help everyone that have the problem the same as me : Fix your GM Tachometer ( camaro )
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    Holley tune help

    Any updates andymiller ????? because I have the same problem with my 4777 holley ! what can I do now? change squirter ? pump cam ? power valve ? finally what happend for your tuning ? thanks
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    1975 camaro in IRAN

    thank s a lot my friends . I hope so .
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    What Oil?

    Hear in Iran I can not find VR-1 . or ZDDP but I found BG MOA - P/N: 110. Is it useful for flat tappet cam ????
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    1975 camaro in IRAN

    burn out with new tire and after
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    What Oil?

    what s your idea a bout liqui moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10 W-60-1391 ????? any one use this oil ?
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    X pipe vs. H pipe vs. Straight duals

    Exhaust X-Pipes This simple mod nets more power and great sound Leonard Emanuelson / It's a proven fact that joining the exhaust pipes of multi-cylinder engines improves power and torque over a broad rpm range. A "tuned" set of exhaust headers (with pipes of calculated...
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    Your Engine Specs and Data

    Year weight 1975 Camaro 3750 race weight Dyno numbers 400hp/427 tq @ flywheel Engine 350 CI 4 bolts main 9.3 : 1 Hypereutectic, Flat Top pistons 0.030 pro comp 210cc intake runner - 64cc Heads (2.02" / 1.6" ) Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold Holley 650 CFM Carburetor 4777c...
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    1975 camaro in IRAN

    thanks leonard yes you are right . red line is lower . I think it s for 6 cylinder. so I will fix this prob and tell you .
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    Need help in selecting headers

    I have this headers in my 1975 camaro what s your idea ?
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    1975 camaro in IRAN

    thanks a lot jerhofer. my 6al is new and I have the instruction . but I think a problem is here : I changed my gauge whit a u14 gauge one of my freind bought the gauge cluster from ebay and send it to me.and whit this instructin I swap the wire...
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    1975 camaro in IRAN

    i have the shift light and rev in gauge connected to the tachometer msd (6al with rev limiter) but when the shift light is lighting; adjusted to 3000rpm, gauge will show 4500 - 5000 how can i fix this prob?
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    1975 camaro in IRAN

    first burn out
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    77 camaro 250ci inline restoration

    hi dear reza . it s very good to see iranian member hear . your car is nice .