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    T-56/2nd Gen fitment

    thanks for all the help guys It's very much appreciated...
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    T-56/2nd Gen fitment

    I'm running a 69 Camaro/T-56/SBC combo currently.The T-56 is out of a 95 Z-28 and aside from cutting a hole for the shifter I didn't need any body mods what so ever.I'm a big fan of the early 2nd gens and was wondering will that transmission I'm using fit into a 2nd gen as easily as it did in my...
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    For Sale: 1973 Camaro, LS1/6speed

    Email inbound...very nice car by the way!
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    Party like it's 1971, RS/SS style

    I may be new to the forum but there's a reason...I'm selling my 70 Roadrunner and going 2nd Gen Camaro thanks to my buddy Matt...I was down at Disneyland with the family a few weeks back and was lucky enough to have Matt take me for an extended rip through SoCal...friggin awesome!This car...
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    1970 RS - A British Resto

    I'm wiped! Ian I've read your entire post front to back am floored with your skills.You've done a heck of a good job.I'm in the process of selling my 70 Roadrunner with designs to get into a 2nd gen Camaro.I'm not jumping ship I'm just getting onto a better boat is all.Great work and I've really...