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    SBC header recommendation

    I had the 1 7/8-3.5" Schoenfelds on mine making about the same power n/a at 3100ish pounds and ran low 6.20's in the 1/8th. I'd recommend them. The next step bigger is going to be something custom or with adapter flanges to run a stahl pattern.
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    New Parts are a Coming :-)

    NICE! Do a 414-421, great all around combo with the 3.875 stroke. Still gives a decent ring pack for that spray you like too.
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    Racing Seat

    Good choice! Get what you really want the first time instead of buying stuff twice.
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    Still checking in. Trying to trade the car for a nice street car. Know anyone looking for a killer strip/street car?! lol
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    Evac valves in headers

    Hmmm, well that shouldn't be any reason to cause them to fail. Maybe try it without the mufflers or just some torque tubes put on and see if the mufflers are causing too much back pressure.
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    Evac valves in headers

    Are they installed the correct angle? Do you have any exhaust?
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    Beautiful 71 Camaro 10.5 Outlaw car

    It's easy if it's pro built with top of the line parts. I've got somewhere in the $50K range in mine and it only runs 6.20's in the 1/8th.
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    #4 and #6 Zero compression

    My buddies 406 did about the same thing a couple weeks ago. Ended up a #5 piston cracked across the valve reliefs. He got lucky with no other damage. Over 1000 runs on a set of Speed Pro hypers. lol
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    Winner in sportsman class

    Good work! I can't get on the green side of the tree to save my arse.
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    Gettin it done Carm style

    This thread is useless without pics!
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    Ya, it's about as light as I could get it and keep it "stock appearing". I could use a a/f meter. The oil stays fine, it actually burns clean. Only time there's any problem is if you let it sit in the carb and dry out. Then it turns to jelly. The oil problem with methanol is too rich of a...
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    I run 13lbs. The carb works good off the transbrake but not footbraking. I think it needs richened up on the transition. I think it's about 3100 with me, maybe 3050.
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    Kid, front shocks are 8 from loose on extension and 18 from loose on compression. Running 29.5x10.5W slicks on a 12" wheel. Twisted, I wish it was clipping them with the rears. I don't have any video but I think it sets them down about 40-50ft out. Oh, and no grille blocking bumpers for me...
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    As far as laying them out I just figured out how far apart I liked them and then how wide at the back and front. Measured the width to keep them even. Then freehand layed out the fine line tape and kept reworking the curves until I got them looking good and symmetrical. You can also cheat on the...
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    Ty, I did tighten them up, as the night went on the air got better and so did the wheelies. LILRED, no anti-roll bar but I've planned on doing one but haven't got it over to my buddies shop yet. It's right at the point of needing one I think. Can't tell in that pic but it does roll over a bit.
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    This is what my car looks like pulling 1.30 60ft's! And I like it!
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    Race IQ data base

    I've got it, works good, auto loads weather so you can use it as a predictor. Some other cool stuff too.
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    Cal tracks

    Top hole on mine, never tried the bottom I don't think.
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    Got the car fired up with new AFR 235's(video)

    Where's that like button?!