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  1. ColdBastrd


    Finally saw it. Didn't have to wait in line and had decent seats. Funny how people have such opinions on it (either good or bad). Remember, its just a movie. And I'd have to say it was a pretty decent movie. The flying scenes were really good I thought especially the Falcon through the junkyard...
  2. ColdBastrd

    the CLAW scrapping my 1980 Camaro parts car WOOHOO

    It was like the star on top of the scrap pile Christmas tree.
  3. ColdBastrd

    RIP Scott Weiland

    So bummed out. He had one of the better voices in rock IMHO. Years ago in the early 90's my friend worked at Atlantic Records just off Columbus Circle in NYC as a sound engineer before Time/Warner bought them. He'd let me hang out in the mixing room on Sunday's when he was working alone on...
  4. ColdBastrd

    El Nino weather

    Can't complain here as of yet. It's been a very mild fall. Friday it was 63 degrees...unheard of for this time of year around here.
  5. ColdBastrd

    1979 Camaro on Dallas Car Sharks

    That show is pretty bad. My chick likes/wants a Datsun 240z and they had one on an episode not long ago. They were redoing the interior and they put new seat covers right over the old ones. As in not taking the old ones off. Even my chick who doesnt know a lot about cars was like wtf are they doing?
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    Rent, Own, Crush (Round 9 – Shoebox Chevy's)

    If you need a refresher on the rules see here: In this round you are basically picking which of the tri-five’s you like from favorite to least favorite. They are all built to the exact same specs. Round Nine – Shoebox Chevy’s...
  7. ColdBastrd

    New dumb accessory: Ghost Shadow Lights

    You can if you really wanted to. These people can even take a photo you supply them and turn it into one if you wanted to put your face or something as the pic...
  8. ColdBastrd

    New dumb accessory: Ghost Shadow Lights

    I saw someone riding down the highway yesterday with a setup like this Lexus below and I thought, that seems really strange that a car company would put that on a new car. So I looked it up and it turns out its the latest in dumb accessories. I guess you are supposed to mount them in your door...
  9. ColdBastrd

    Ongoing car show idiotness...

    Yeah I don't get them. What are they supposed to represent? Your kid upset they you are spending their inheritance on a car? The kid touched your car and you made them take a time out? The kid is upset unless you give them a trophy? The kid is tired of walking around the show and taking a rest...
  10. ColdBastrd

    Words and phrases to retire

    I so hate this one. When did this become a thing? Just say sorry or I messed up. "My bad" just makes it sound like you can't formulate a sentence correctly. There are so many of these it's out of control. "Merch" instead of merchandise, "hood" instead of neighborhood, "mo" instead of moment...
  11. ColdBastrd

    Ongoing car show idiotness...

    I don't go to a lot of car shows every year but when I do, there is always A LOT more amusing things to see than an out of place sticker. I really don't care what people do to their own cars but when I walk by some of this stuff, I kinda laugh to myself and sometimes think, maybe the guy who did...
  12. ColdBastrd

    What's The Last Photo On Your Phone

    This could be fun...or dumb...or who knows, maybe it could be interesting. Post up the LAST picture in your phone currently. No hand picking or choosing. Just the current, as of today, last picture you took. Here's mine taken yesterday while out driving. Was stopped at a light next to an...
  13. ColdBastrd

    Happy Birthday K5JMP

    Happy birthday Mikey!
  14. ColdBastrd

    Happy Birthday Harry (green1977)!!

    Happy birthday Harry!
  15. ColdBastrd

    Rent, Own, Crush (Round 8 – Zombie Apocalypse)

    Our first casualty....
  16. ColdBastrd

    Rent, Own, Crush (Round 8 – Zombie Apocalypse)

    In honor of Halloween week, it’s Rent, Own, Crush – Zombie Apocalypse Edition! There’s no renting, owning, or crushing in the zombie apocalypse! There's no rules! You take what you can find and leave the rest! The zombies are coming! Your just got in contact with your friend via cell...
  17. ColdBastrd

    Woman pleasuring self with sausage in Walmart

    This sounds like the begins of a hot porn movie scenario doesn't it? Not so much. You'll know what I mean when you open the link.
  18. ColdBastrd

    man the parts cars are coming out of the woodwork!

    The won't get much in parts money I don't think BUT if it's in any way workable, you could sell it for good money. They ride on the Fox platform...same as the Mustang of that era. Guys look for those cars because you can do a lot of easy bolt-ons. It'll even accept the 5.0 and 351W.
  19. ColdBastrd

    Know what today is? BTTF DAY!

    That's right, today is the day that Doc and Marty travelled forward to from 1985 in Back to the Future II. Did they get the tech right? Maybe not so much. The big question, will the Cubs make it to the...
  20. ColdBastrd

    Not Hot Women of Hollywood

    I just saw this woman trending on the net and it got me thinking to make a thread. Let's hear the women that Hollywood tries to convince us is hot but you don't think that they are. Here is one of my picks....Dakota Johnson. They put her in that 50 Shades movie and try to pawn her off to...