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    Transformers Rise of the Beasts

    Got the first trailer, and the only screenshots I care about The movie is probably going to be bad, just like all (live action) Transformers movies are, but figured I'd share none the less
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    Is this engine worth jumping on?

    Periodically I check ebay for a Gen V LT4 to put in my car. Not in a rush to get it as I don't need it yet, but I did come across this about $5k under other offerings, buuuuuut the listing said it lost oil pressure at some point, and with the harness being...
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    Acquiring a 1994 c2500

    I got news that my girlfriend's parents have to move out of the apartment they rent due to the owners selling it, they have too many cars for the new place so I am being given the truck. I'll be honest, I don't like trucks, hate them in fact. But I'm not going to say no, and I'm not going to...
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    Lego 1969 Z28 Camaro

    Lego has finally made a camaro! They've had a mustang for awhile but I am glad they finally made this
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    Rust repair on rear window channel

    Most of the fun stuff on my car is completed now, so it's time for cosmetics while I wait for my rear end to be fabbed up. First thing I need to do before I strip and epoxy the interior is repair the rust on the rear window channel. I was very lucky and my car wasn't rusted in most major areas...
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    New spindles?

    I'm putting together a few loose ends I need for my suspension as I am almost done with it, and I was wanting opinions on spindles. I am putting a wilwood brake kit on my stock ones so I'll have new bearings, my spindles seem to be in fine condition, but they're also 47 years old. I was looking...
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    How much clearance should you need between the tire and the inner fender?

    I am about to put in an order for my new rear end that I need for my torque arm (can't use my 10 bolt, need a ford 9") and I had an issue with my rim choice where they stuck out too far, while also having a lot of room towards the inside of the car The standard width of our 10 bolts is 61" if I...
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    Oval exhaust?

    Maybe I'm just a bad googler today but does anyone have experience with how an oval exhaust sounds compared to a round exhaust system? Most of what I can find is straight pipe stuff thats too loud and obnoxious, or it's just talking about the muffler. I just installed the subframe bracing on my...
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    Rekudo Spindles

    So I was browsing the Holley website as I occasionally check to see if they have an LT swap kit for my car (not yet sadly) and I came across these spindles for our cars. What caught my eye was that it was only a 1" drop which I thought was interesting. Normally after market spindles are 2"...
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    Air compressor fittings

    I'm getting ready to paint the bottom of my car and I didn't buy a fitting for my gun, so I was looking at what I had to make sure everything fit together. Right now I have a 3/8 hose but I noticed all the quick connect fittings go to 1/4. This compressor was gifted to me so I asked my dad why...
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    1964-1972 Chevelle/Nova Seats in a 2nd gen?

    Hello, I plan on buying these seats for my car And I was wanting to know if anyone has put in 2nd gen chevlle/3rd gen nova seats in their camaro before. I know thats sort of weird, but it is what it...
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    Only can use 1 o2 sensor? opinions?

    I got off the phone with rpmtransmissions earlier today as they will be building 4l70 for me (ya ya, 4l80 is better) and in the phone call, they strongly suggested that I did NOT go with the GM wiring harness and computer as a poor tune is more likely to destroy a transmission than anything else...
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    United airlines catches on fire Pretty scary stuff, no one was injured from what I can find, plane landed safely as it is rated to fly with one engine, or glide if needed since it goes over the...
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    Parking brake, how much should I try keeping it?

    This sounds silly, but how much should I care about trying to keep my ebrake? I'm getting a 9" full float for my rear and I live near a company called chassisworks so I can just pick it up locally. I originally did not want to go with them (even though I'm using their torque arm already) because...
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    GM's new elctric motors Looks like gas will slowly start to fade away in 2023, I wonder if they'll make electric crate motors
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    Frame Measurements

    I just want clarification on two sources I found for measurements as I don't want to make any mistakes On our site we have this page for 73 and 80 but I have this picture where some of the measurements are slightly different for a 1976 (I have a 75)...
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    Global West Extended Travel Coilover Kit

    I've looked pretty far across the seas of the internet but I can't seem to find a lot of people who have used this global west kit Does anyone have experience with this, or know anyone who has modified their stock subframe? From what I can tell this is mainly used for dropping your car without...
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    Repairing and repainting aftermarket dash panel

    A few months ago I came across this dash panel for my car, and if anyone is aware of what I'm doing this one is very special and very specific and they do not make it anymore. (They make things that look somewhat similar, but they're not the same) Right now they have 3 pre-drilled holes that I...
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    WTB 75-81 rear interior sheet metal

    So, this is kind of a stretch but I'm looking for someone parting out a car that will be junked and I need to steal some metal panels out of it because I don't believe these stamps are reproduced from what I found. I only want to cut out a car that has no hope of being restored, I need sections...