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  1. yoyo74

    value of right and left very clean doors

    Hi guys. Now that the 74 is in the body shop we decided to keep the original doors on the car. I have left and right doors that I had bought a few years ago. Now that I don't need them , I am not quite sure what they are worth. They are rust free with no repairs. They are in epoxy primer and are...
  2. yoyo74

    please double check my wheel tire combo please!

    In need of new wheels and tires and picked these. I think I have beat my self silly reading all the threads and think this will work. Thanks in advance for your help. It is stock suspension and brakes. Will probably lower a little in the front to get a little rake. 17 X8 5-120.65 6 DGMCML 17...
  3. yoyo74

    valve spring broken

    thought I had bigger problems but turns out I just broke a spring.Can someone suggest a part number and manufacturer.I have a .490 lift cam with 062 vortecs that have been cut for .550 plus lift.Dont really know alot on the subject so figured I would reach out.There is so much info on it here...
  4. yoyo74

    holley carb spacer? Horsepower guess

    Putting a new 650 ultra dbl pumper on my camaro and when I talked to the holley tech he wanted me to put a 600 double pumper on it.I told him that I wanted to go with the ultra 650 and he said that it would be good but would loose some responsiveness.If I put a 4 hole plastic spacer It would...
  5. yoyo74

    holley 670 trouble..

    I have a 670 that is making me nuts...I finnaly got it running right and managed to crack an ear on the baseplate.Should I put a holley piece on it or another brand?
  6. yoyo74

    can I freeze evercoat gold?

    just kidding...but I bought a new gallon of evercoat last year and never opened it.It has been out in the garage all winter and I am wondering if it is still useable....What do you guys think?
  7. yoyo74

    muncie parts and advice

    Im getting ready to start doing my th350 to m21 swap and need a few things.I need a reverse input shaft and a seal kit.Anyone recommend a good place to buy them from and what info do I need off the trans before I do.I also should think about finding out what speedo gear belongs and what I need.I...
  8. yoyo74

    white with orange stripes?

    Any one with this combination? I would like to see as many pics as possible...Thanks in advance
  9. yoyo74

    griffin radiator?

    does anyone have any experiance with putting this in our cars 1-25272-X
  10. yoyo74

    wtb shifter and linkage for 74,muncie,console

    Just wondering if someone has a shifter and linkage for my 74.I have a muncie and center console.Pm me Thanks in advance Ben
  11. yoyo74

    flowtech headers and a 4 speed?

    Getting ready to swap out the th350 with a m21 4 speed. I remember seeing that the new flowtech afterburner headers that I put in last year have a foot note that says that they dont work with standard shift.I just want to see if anyone has tried.If it is just a matter of some gentle persuassion...
  12. yoyo74

    gold for me!

    Only way to say thanks for all the help and laughs was with cash.I will be posting more pics and video later.Thanks again guys!
  13. yoyo74

    Need lower inner section of left front fender

    I decided to restore the front fenders on my car instead of aftermarket.I bought the patch panels and my right side is good but left not so good.I need about 8-10 inch tall of the inner brace to repair mine.I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out.The skin doesnt have to be good...
  14. yoyo74

    craigslist score!

    Bought a set of black cloth with the dark grey accent hunsaker seats for $150.00. Real nice kid local had them in a dakota for a very short time.If he told me they were new I would believe it other than the holes in the slides.Right now I have the stock seats with kitchen chair cushions and auto...
  15. yoyo74

    another got pulled over thread

    Well took the 74 out for the first ride of the year on saturday with my daughter and didnt even make it to the otherside of town!Flashing lights and sirens and my daughter yelling "your in touble".I didnt do a thing and was quite anoyed already.The local cop(kid with a badge)comes walkin up and...
  16. yoyo74

    agr box help

    Just tried to install a new agr part number 292117 which does list as the correct number for my 74.Everything went in fine until the lines.Both high and low lines thread in fine and tighten but the line itself is loose yet.So i take them both back off and there doesnt appear to be anything...
  17. yoyo74

    need ps pulley

    Anyone happen to have a spare single groove ,keyway power steering pulley they can part with? I went to put in the new mount for the pump and my 2 groove wont clear.Let me know thanks in advance guys!
  18. yoyo74

    taking over the shifting

    I have come to the conclusion that my th350 probably wont make another season and I just dont think I want automatic anymore.I have begun the search for the 4 speed parts and will have to settle for a part here and there.A 5 or 6 speed would be nice but not in the budget.Im not sure but I think...
  19. yoyo74

    tennessee might be for me!

    To make a long story short,my wife and I have decided to sell the house before we loose it.We have been holding on but it just keeps getting worse and the quality of life just isnt there anymore.We both came to the conclusion that TN might be for us as my wife is a nurse and that industry is...
  20. yoyo74

    camaro handed me a whoopin!

    went out and did the heater core today and that just plain sucks!you guys werent kiddin.Still gotta finish putting the outside together but its in.Whoever designed that should be shot in the ass to match the pain!Its all worth it though!Guess I should add that it is a a/c car.