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    It's easy being green.......

    Oh boy, that looks awesome and now has me in full regret I didn't finish mine! Congratulations, can't wait to watch the reassembly.
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    Watched a couple hockey games...... the boards?

    Same here z2880. Hockey is a fast sport and the distractions from the advertising was very annoying. I guess it's effective for the advertising, when the new ads rolled in, they were preceded by a big pick pulling the "banner" across the boards. I kept catching it in my eye and losing site of...
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    Aaron's 76 Type LT Project

    Aaron, just let me say this. I did a lot of work on my 73 then started to feel like with all I had going on, I would never get to finishing it. The rust was mostly addressed and it was about putting body panels back on and doing body work. That was so much work and took me so long, I was just...
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    Tractor Implements (3-point)

    I have been stuck before too! It's no fun when the bucket and backhoe still can't get you out!
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    Tractor Implements (3-point)

    That is great! Love to see this especially with the young lad involved! I have a Kioti 35HP tractor with a PTO chipper/shredder. It is not near big enough for large trees but it handles the 2 inch branches after I cut a tree down with ease. Then I cut up the tree to 18 inch pieces and use my log...
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    Need Prayers and Uplifting

    You have my thoughts and prayers. Can you tell us his name? I am so sorry to hear this. These are the events that take years off parents lives. I wish you and your son and family the best and pray for a complete and speedy recovery
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    Tittie Tuesday....

    I was expecting comments in the foot in the third picture here. There has to be a good caption for that one.
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    New double din radio in my 2003 Corvette Z06. Nice to have Apple Carplay and NAV. I'll add a back up camera later.
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    Random sayings

    My dad used to say (In Italian) when we wouldn't want to eat something either: Put it under your nose, or what you save for tomorrow, you save for the dog.
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    Pictures of your garage

    Sorry I missed this. Nice truck for sure. I really love the 69-72 trucks. Sadly I sold mine. I could not bring myself to update or change anything because of the originality of the truck. I never drove it at all. I sold it and bought a 2003 Z06 which I drive all the time. I will have another one...
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    Rear-end vent?

    I am sorry, I know it's childish, but I did have a laugh when I read the title of this thread.
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    NHL Playoffs

    I am always a Bruins fan but they don't look like a contending team this year. Looks to me like our best goal scorer is injured and avoiding all contact. Outscored so far this year to the Hurricanes 20-2 including last nights sad result.
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    History repeats

    Ok, I'll cross ND off the list of retirement places. I live in New Hampshire and we can get snow in April but it's rare and it's at least supposed to hit 60 today. I just don't like extended winter any longer. I must be getting old.
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    Wasps and Hornets

    I would burn the whole place down. I HATE them things
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    Any tree experts?

    Not sure about something as narrow as the wound by a chain, but I know if you want to kill a tree, you tear a ring around the bark. All the nutrients and water from the soil have to get to the tree and that's how they get up there.
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    Tornado Flips Truck 360 Degrees, It Drives Off

    I saw that a little while ago! Crazy!! That should be a Chevy truck commercial for sure.
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    Tittie Tuesday....

    Best week ever here
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    Who is / was your favorite NASCAR driver ?

    Well then .... I guess that IMSA would be a better choice if it's about just not driving straight. Yes NASCAR Cup series has a couple of road course, but nothing like the endurance and turning both left AND right. If you really want to watch a NASCAR race, to me a much more fun and exciting...
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    Nascar race LA Coliseum

    Absolutely! I have several different bourbons and whiskeys. A pour is always good with the wood stove going and watching a good game.
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    Nascar race LA Coliseum

    Purely for the action I much prefer to be at a hockey game live but mostly so I can see what is happening away from the play. I am a student of the game and I like to see what happens away from the puck. I am fortunate enough to have attended games in the Luxury Suites in Boston and that was...

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