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    1980Z redneck-touring vortec/6spd

    Rear bumper mods looks great. but i would try to make the bottom of the licence plate area even with the bottom of the bumper. Stick a plate in there and see if proportionately it looks good. there might be too much room there.
  2. 3SLO5

    Momma got new shoes...

    great wheel choice. the old rims were a little outdated.
  3. 3SLO5

    Firewall vents.

    no such thing.
  4. 3SLO5

    Best filler for pot metal?

    that 3m 2 part body epoxy with the special applicator gun pretty much works on everything.
  5. 3SLO5

    Fiberglass rear bumpers available 78-81

    no pics just looks like a fiberglass bumper. vfn does race stuff so i suppose other brands may be thicker.
  6. 3SLO5

    Fiberglass rear bumpers available 78-81

    good to hear your still at it. i have a vfn rear bumper , its nothing special just a light weight fiberglass shell same thickness as a lightweight fiberglass hood. kinda thin. I was also going to modify mine. when i finally get to it im shaving out the liscence plate so its straight across like...
  7. 3SLO5

    1980Z redneck-touring vortec/6spd

    keep on going, looks like tons of poo getting done.
  8. 3SLO5

    bolt size

    not metric 5/16-18 sae
  9. 3SLO5

    Intermediate Shaft for an 81?

    early shaft is splined on the column yours is double d. yes camaro firebird interchange. most likely 78-81 think 77 is still spline shaft.
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    Horrible bearings and questionable pistons - 350 SBC Need some advice

    vortec motor has no fuel pump hole in the block. and you need a new intake and fuel system. keep looking.its not gonna be a cheap swap. .
  11. 3SLO5

    Recaro T/A seats

    those look more like mustang seats not recaro ta. recaro ta seats fit normal f body seat tracks on them your tracks looks rigged on there.
  12. 3SLO5

    Fuel Tank filler tube question----HELP!!!

    stick a pry bar in it and bend it down the joint will hold.
  13. 3SLO5

    Power Steering fluid change

    same old. trans fluid or ps fluid. your choice. nothing has changed in the power steering world. unless you have electric steering.
  14. 3SLO5

    DB Z28 The Make over

    Same color and stock decals or are you mixing it up this time around. Are they going to bare metal or just blocking, sealing and prime and painting? removing everything or painting it whole.
  15. 3SLO5

    speedo gear removal....forever.

    old scool guys put a freeze plug in the speedo housing.
  16. 3SLO5

    What heat/thermal tape does GM use on LS motor wire loom?

    iv been using hockey grip tape on all my underhood wiring . looks better than electrical tape or conveluted tubing and its not that expensive.
  17. 3SLO5

    Headlight plugs / pins Where to find?

    call american autowire they sell them.
  18. 3SLO5

    bad hood springs?

    while the hinge is bolted to the car use an old fan belt put it on the hook of the spring and pull hard and you can get them off and on but not if your a 150lb soaking wet individual. it requires a little muscle and weight. done it a hundred times and i still have all my fingers toes and...
  19. 3SLO5

    emergency brake alternative???

    the e stop you have to mount solid to the frame and make new cables. the customer lives in newyork and puts it on with a wireless remote to avoid theft if they get the car started.
  20. 3SLO5

    emergency brake alternative???

    installed an e stop electric parking brake in a customers 70 gto and it works good. no handles.

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