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    New full bumper finally!

    Looks great with the full bumper and I love the color
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    Repop Door HInges

    The old saying is you get what pay for. It’s been years since I bought hinges for my 71 I think I paid $60 some dollars for the top hinges only. I think I bought them off of a flea bay vender with no issues
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    The New 70 SS Chevelle

    Or the 454
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    The New 70 SS Chevelle

    Not a bad looking reproduction of the 70SS but I could of liked it more if they could of somehow made a chrome bumper look to it.
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    Applied shift plate trans markings

    Chuck I like the old school shifter positions on the console. Yours looks great.
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    454 Vega with stock hood

    Bad ass stock looking Vega
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    Cars n coffee Nor Cal east bay.

    Beautiful car
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    70’s things that kids no longer do

    Awesome video it brought back many good memories. Too many bleeding heart people in the world now days. Also too much government intervention thinking they are making things safer for us. For most of us forum members of age how did we ever make thi Far in Life?
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    OKC swap meet today, 2/4/2023

    Our first Swapmeet here in my DFW area will be the end of February and I can’t wait to get out and look at others peoples junk
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    New family member

    Too cute
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    1981 Camaro z28

    Welcome to the group. Nice looking Camaros. I even like the 66 Ford with the wide white wall tires.
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    True cost of car restoration

    Years ago I restored a 77 rubber bumper Corvette and made the mistake of add up all my receipts and found out I had into it wha it was actually worth. I won’t do that on my 71RS/Z28 even though I think I’m ahead on the money
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    1973 cowl tag info I cant find

    Looks like she needs a little TLC but definitely worth restoring. Welcome to the group
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    Mecum Kissimmee Z/28 prices

    I hope that up trend in our vehicles continue. I go to Dallas Mecum every year and it’s unbelievable the crazy money people spend on vehicles there.
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    Blowed up real good

    It sure sounded good right up until it quit
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    I just saw the best mailbox post ever

    that really cool but I would be afraid someone would steal it
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    71 RS - abandoned 23 years

    Chuck you have been a very busy guy. It just proves that we are never done with our cars. Always a way to spend money on our toys.
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    First ride shake down!

    Beautiful car definitely love the Placer Gold
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    bent pushrods with new roller rockers

    I’m by no means an expert but you might have to pull out the distributor and get a priming tool and use it to spin the oil pump shaft and rotate the engine on the harmonic balancer little bits at a time until it get oil circulated thru out the engine.
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    Back Window Glass

    That post was many years ago but the glass that the vendor sent me does match the existing side window glass that was factory installed.

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