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  1. PHROG

    Jasper or S&J engines

    If your "local builder" has aclean organized shop and a good or better local reputation, I would call it a "no brainer" to go w/him and have someone right there to deal w/any unexpected problems. Just my two cents.
  2. PHROG

    Opinions please paint damage- Sick

    Get proper touchup paint and dap and smooth before putting edge guard on .Protected ,maybe invisible with $100s in your pocket w/no paint blending or matching necessary. Metal would still be protected from rust. Rubbery type guard would not be correct for car and obvious to hide something. You...
  3. PHROG

    Opinions please paint damage- Sick

    I have door factory edge guards on my 78 T/A if you want to measure the length of the chip to check possible coverage.
  4. PHROG

    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?

    My memory and knowledge is Corvette based, which got VINs were block stamped beginning in 1960, I just assumed it was all of Chevtolet. It seems odd to me that Tonawanda engine plant would single out Corvette. Odd but not impossible.
  5. PHROG

    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?

    I believe your info is a bit fuzzy. 67 blocks were definitely VIN stamped, memory (which is also a bit fuzzy) says VIN stamping began in 59.
  6. PHROG

    Fan Shroud question

    These are what I remember and certainly eliminate any problems caused by other methods and allow for easy change if you decide to go a different way.
  7. PHROG

    Outside door handles -- too big

    Back in the day (late80s) aftermarket 3D plastic inserts were available that had names like Camaro, Z28 & others. Fit perfectly and when painted to match looked PERFECT. Have them on my 78 T/A in Martinique Blue. No idea if still available.
  8. PHROG

    Taurus fan.....or DORMAN

    Be very wary of depending on Rock Auto for ANY Electrical part warranty. Personal experience (not a good one) w/defective starter.
  9. PHROG

    ZZ4 HEI w/Pertronix D72000

    Mathematically using manufacturer spec of 29" gives 2372.8 RPM which does not allow for "squat" or trying read absolute accurate RPM on small Sun tach. IRL GPS agrees w/75mh/2500rpm. "Just sayin"
  10. PHROG

    ZZ4 HEI w/Pertronix D72000

    Jeff, Thank you very much for the detail. Reworking curve and correcting vacuum advance is on my to do list. I am curious as to the RPM/Speed for your different gear sets, of course tire diameter figures in also, but not for comparison. I am running a 29" tire w/2.73 gears to cruise at 2500/75...
  11. PHROG

    ZZ4 HEI w/Pertronix D72000

    Jeff, Not sure I get your comment as to my question or response to others that have chimed in w/another direction. Your observation on the Sun, was that w/the Pertronix module? If so, can you verify any results in normal use, particularly in regard to possible fuel mileage improvement? THANX...
  12. PHROG

    ZZ4 HEI w/Pertronix D72000

    Your solution at over $400. would buy a lot of gas. I, too question the claim and is why I would like to have real world evidence one way or the other. No local dyno tuning available, but have tuned w/exhaust gas analyzer (Old Sun Machine)
  13. PHROG

    ZZ4 HEI w/Pertronix D72000

    Pertronix claims the module will give multiple spark at lower RPM like a CD box. Ultimate goal is the best possible fuel mileage in a 34 Chevy coupe that cruises at 2500 rpm/75 mph.
  14. PHROG

    ZZ4 HEI w/Pertronix D72000

    Has anyone here tried a Pertronix D72000 in the OEM HEI used in the ZZ4?
  15. PHROG

    Can someone tell what this bracket is for?

    First off, let me admit to not being able to figure out how to PM on this forum. Nice looking Camaro w/somewhat familiar story. If all this was easy everybody would do it. You're right IMHO about having to take a bath on 34 in present condition, but maybe not. Take a look at Street Machinery...
  16. PHROG

    Can someone tell what this bracket is for?

    I can't help w.bracket ID, but couldn't pass on communicating w/someone indentifying as 1934 chevycoupe. Do you have a 34? If so, pics please.
  17. PHROG

    1972 Big Block VIN question

    I could be wrong one more time, but the code stamping looks to be on block in front of right side head which would be small block. Sequential serial number on big block should be on pad on right vertical side of block below exhaust ports. What is shown in pic would have sequential VIN to the...
  18. PHROG

    I know I'm opening a Pandora's box...

    Anyone out there tried Pertronix module that is supposed to give multiple spark w/o a box?
  19. PHROG

    73' RS "Joker"

    Being a diehard fan of purple, I love it. Any chance you have info on paint code?
  20. PHROG

    New Urethane Nose Gaps at hood are off just a bit I need help

    How about running a tape line carrying the hood peak onto the bumper cover and blocking the urethane peak to match? I believe that would change the visual to make the gap appear to lineup. Just my 2cents.

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